Norm Macdonald On “My Last Time On The David Letterman Show”

In the runup to David Letterman’s finale on Wednesday, the Late Show host has delivered an amazing roster of guests to bid him adieu, including George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Tom Waits to name just a few. Comedian Norm Macdonald thought Friday night was a good time to talk about flashbacks, and taking pictures “back then” with cameras vs. today, with people using their phones for photography. And which country scares him most, among other things.

He also noted early in his turn on the show that he was making the same amount for coming on the show as Oprah, and later on repeated what he said was a favorite joke he’d heard Letterman tell as a standup comedian on a Canadian talk show. Macdonald’s most touching remarks came at the end of his reflection on Letterman, and he was rewarded with a standing ovation. Macdonald’s bit is longish for those accustomed to Short Attention Span Theatre, but we think you might agree it’s 8 minutes and 4o seconds well spent. Enjoy.


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