MPI Media Group Nabs ‘Uncle Nick’; K5 International Set To Finance ‘Psycho Killer’ – Cannes Briefs


MPI Media Group has acquired all domestic distribution rights to Uncle Nick, a comedy starring Brian Posehn (Mr. Show, The Sarah Silverman Program). The film is directed by Chris Kasick (Attack of the Show!), with screenplay by Mike Demski and executive produced by Errol Morris. The deal was negotiated by Josh Braun and Matt Burke of Submarine Entertainment on behalf of the filmmakers and Greg Newman, EVP on "The Five Year Engagement" Premiere - Opening Night - 2012 Tribeca Film Festivalbehalf of MPI Media Group. The film is slated for release in late 4th quarter of 2015, in time for the holidays. Flick is about lewd, drunken Uncle Nick (Posehn), who stumbles his way through his brother’s cookie cutter-family’s annual Christmas Eve gathering.

“Chris Kasick has worked with me for many years,” Morris says. “Uncle Nick is his first feature and it’s a film with three ingredients I love — sick, sad, and funny — a cross between Kasick, the Farrelly Brothers, and me.”

K5 International’s Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur have closed a deal to finance and produce SE7EN screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker’s Psycho Killer, a serial-killer thriller int he style of David Fincher’s 1995 classic and global box office smash. Story follows a nameless murderer, wearing a nightmarish mask, who stalks his way across the United States, leaving a long trail of random victims left in bloody tribute to Satan.

A chance encounter with a highway patrolman on a Kansas highway ends tragically. But this time there is a witness — the patrolman’s pregnant wife Jane, a fellow police officer — who sets out on a relentless chase to stop the murderer.

“Andrew’s pedigree as a writer is unparalleled for this kind of nail-biting thriller,” say K5’s Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur. “Psycho Killer recalls the great villains of our nightmares, from Hannibal Lecter to Jason but also compels and gives us a sense of awe at his sheer power.”

Directing is Gavin Polone, who directed six episodes of Twisted for ABC Family, which he also executive produced. The film is produced by Matt Berenson (A Place Beyond the Pines and upcoming horror film The Boy with Lakeshore/STX. Walker who was nominated for a BAFTA and won numerous awards for the screenplay of SE7EN, whig grossed more than $350 million worldwide on its release in 1995.

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