Fox Business Network Revamps Lineup With Don Imus’ Exit

Fox Business Network

Almost two weeks after the host himself said the simulcast of Imus In The Morning was being dropped from Fox Business Network after almost 6-years,  the Roger Ailes run cable channel today made it official. They also made it official that a series of programming changes are taking effect next week.  FBN plan to replace the always odd fit of Imus’ show on June 1 with – are you ready?: a new biz show. The radio host brought his show to FBN in October 2009. That was more than 2-years after the simulcast of the daily nationally syndicated show was dropped from MSNBC after an 11-year run because of racially derogative remarks Imus made on air on April 4 2007. On that occasion both Imus’ radio show and its TV version were cancelled. Today’s FBN announcement just impacts the simulcast TV show. The 5 AM portion of what is still Imus’ slot will now be the home of a new pre-Wall Street opening show.

Focusing on international markets and breaking news, Morning Money with Maria Bartiromo will take over the 6 AM – 9 AM slot, FBN said Monday. The former CNBC host joined FBN in early 2014 with Opening Bell With Maria Bartiromo debuting on February 24 that year in the 9 – 11 AM spot. An expanded Varney  & Company will now air from 9 AM to noon every weekday followed by the new midday market oriented CAVUTO: Coast to Coast from 12 – 2 PM and hosted by, no surprises, Neil Cavuto. Newly shifted over to FBN from Bloomberg, Trish Regan will now host the 2 PM hour with Trish Regan Intel taking over the current MONEY with Melissa Francis. Not changing is Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman at 3 PM but 4 PM’s After the Bell will now be co-anchored by David Asman and Francis.

Undoubtedly a lead-up to the 2016 Presidential election, the FBN chess pieces moves will also see The Will Report cancelled as host Gerry Willis becomes a roving presence on both FBN and Fox News Channel. Into TWR’s 5 PM slot will move Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton, which is on at 1 PM ET right now. Making Money with Charles Payne and Lou Dobbs Tonight will stay in their respective 6 PM and 7 PM ET slots but 10 PM’s Kennedy, hosted by former VJ Lisa Montgomery, will move to the 8 PM place where Cavuto presently sits. On Friday’s John Stossel will hold down the 8 PM slot. Newly launched reality series Strange Inheritance will continue at 10 PM ET.

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