RGH Entertainment Developing 3D In 360 Degrees For Film And Theme Parks

RGH Entertainment, which only a few months ago was having trouble meeting its payroll, is back on its feet. It’s paid all of its current and former employees the wages they were owed, reinstated its health plan, and is promising to pay bonuses for the payroll delays. The company, which is producing Paul McCartney’s animated feature High In The Clouds, is also at the forefront in of a breakthrough in the way 3D entertainment will be experienced in the future.

Earlier in the week, Deadline took a tour of the RGH facilities. The company is currently developing a sizzle reel for High In The Clouds, in which McCartney will voice one of the main characters. It will also feature seven or eight of his new songs, including a rollicking tune performed by Lady Gaga that hasn’t been heard yet outside the studio.

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The film is based on a children’s book of the same name that McCartney penned. Cody Cameron, who directed Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, is directing from a script by Josh Klausner, who wrote Date Night and co-wrote Shrek Forever After. RGH, in partnership with Unique Features, plans to show the sizzle reel at AFM in November.

Themed entertainment is the other major component of RGH’s business, and it’s created a 360-degree, domed 3D experience that makes today’s 3D movies look to me like they’re being shown on old-time View Masters. Its patented 3D technology immerses the viewer inside scenes played out on a wrap-around screen, or in a planetarium-like dome. They are developing the technology to be used in film, theme park rides, museums and corporate presentations.

Deadline was shown part of a 3D film the company is making for a $1 billion theme park that’s planned to open in Jordan, where its parent company, Rubicon Group Holding, is based. The film that is to be part of a theme park ride, sends viewers on a voyage through the Seven Wonders of the World. The experience seemed so real that I felt like I was right inside the Seven Wonders.

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