Matt Weiner Shows ‘Mad Men’ “Finale” Clip To Conan

Mad Men creator Matt Weiner visited Conan tonight, and brought with him a “clip” from the “finale.” But first, Conan asked him what is the strangest finale theory he’s heard to date. “I’m not going to dismiss it because want people to watch the show, but the strangest theory I hear is this D.B. Cooper theory,” Weiner said.

D.B. Cooper is the name given to a man who famously hijacked a plane near Seattle in November 1971, extorted $200K in ransom and parachuted away. The FBI never chased down or identified the man, who had purchased his plane ticket using the name Dan Cooper. As Mad Men draws to a close, some have speculated the police drawing of Cooper looks like Don Draper, aka Jon Hamm.

“I think all police sketches without mustaches of white guys look like Jon Hamm,” Weiner joked. “People think it’s going to end in a plane crash, which Lionsgate would never pay for.”

Then he showed the “clip” from the finale — which, Conan suggested, is more in keeping with a Lionsgate budget. Watch it above.

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