Alcon TV Group & Atlas Entertainment Land PI Novel ‘IQ’ For TV Series

In a seven-way bidding war, Alcon Television Group and Atlas Entertainment have teamed to acquire the rights to Joe Ide’s upcoming debut novel IQ to develop as a drama series.

Alcon EntertainmentInformed by Ide’s early life, the novel tells the story of Isaiah “IQ” Quintabe, a young black man who has been on his own in the tough area of East Long Beach, CA, since he was teenager. Genius smart, self-taught in many disciplines and gifted in the art of problem-solving, he finds his calling as a local private investigator, taking on cases that the police can’t or won’t touch. IQ is joined by Dodson, a childhood friend completely opposite in personality, to whom he is bound by secrets from their past.

Ide grew up in South Central Los Angeles, then an impoverished area ruled by gangs and street crime. Striving to belong, he altered his speech, style and attitude to reflect his surroundings and give him a sense of identity. Ide turned to Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories for comfort, and it was those stories together with his own experiences that inspired his novel and its characters.

IQ is part of a two-book deal between Ide and Mulholland Books, a division of Little, Brown & Company. Alcon Television Group’s Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson, and Sharon Hall executive produce the adaptation with Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven, Alex Gartner and Jake Kurily. Ben Roberts of Alcon Television Group will produce.

Ide was repped in the deal by ICM Partners.

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