‘Ultron’ Outpacing ‘Avengers’ & ‘IM3’ With A Final $439.8M; ‘F7’ Fuels Up – Intl B.O. Update

By Nancy Tartaglione, Anita Busch

4th UPDATE, 1:05 PM PST: Disney had an explosive weekend worldwide. Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron ended up the weekend internationally with a cume of $439.8M on a weekend pull of $168.8M and it hasn’t yet hit China. To date, its worldwide cume is now $631.1M, upped by the better than expected domestic take of $191.3M. All grosses below in specific markets are updated with final grosses. Meanwhile, the studio’s Cinderella ended up the weekend with $1.2M more than expected from yesterday’s estimates, bringing its international cume just under $500M to $495.5M.

Meanwhile, Fast And Furious 7 (as it’s titled in international markets) which had the advantage of a May 1 holiday in many territories, grossed a total of $50.7M in 65 markets to bring its international total to $1.09B. Worldwide, this fuel-injected offering from Universal is at $1.4B and passed Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 to become the fourth-highest grossing film of all time and it just keeps rolling. Focus crossed $100M for Warner Bros., too.

Final tallies are now in also for the following films: Uni’s Unfriended, the horror film Ouija (which has spawned a sequel), Alex Garland’s well-received sci-fi film Ex Machina, the animated Shaun The Sheep, the German comedy Half Brothers, the thriller The Boy Next Door, Russell Crowe’s directorial debut The Water Diviner and the sexuallly charged Fifty Shades Of Grey.

In addition, Warner Bros. reported final numbers for Run All Night while Fox weighed in with its heavy load of films: Far From The Madding Crowd, DreamWorks Animation’s Home, its actioner Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Scott Eastwood starring The Longest Ride (the latest from Nicholas Sparks), Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, and finally The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The Weinstein Co. reported final grosses for the critical favorite, Woman In Gold, and finally Sony’s sequel Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 just came in.

UPDATE, 4:40 PM PT: The mighty Avengers: Age Of Ultron continued to dominate the global marketplace with an added an etimated $168M for a total of around $439M offshore after two rounds. The Disney/Marvel mash-up is tracking above the first Avengers and Iron Man 3, and has a relatively clear path over the next 10 days or so before Mad Max: Fury Road drives onto the scene. Furious 7 still has another week in China where it fast became the hot market’s biggest grosser of all time and now has an astonishing cume of $381.8M there ($1.098B intl). Ultron heads to China on May 12, looking to make chump change of Avengers’ and Iron Man 3’s previous approximate hauls of $86M and $121M, respectively.

This weekend was down about 14% across the Top 10 studio releases internationally compared to last week. Local titles were especially big in Asia and France this session (for more, see round-ups beneath the original post). The frame was up, however, versus last year. At that time, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had just swung to a further $116M and Rio 2 added $25.6M, while The Other Woman vamped out another $19.5M.

pitch perfect 2Next week sees female-driven pics enter the global arena with MGM/Warner Bros’ Reese Witherspoon-Sofia Vergara comedy Hot Pursuit chasing its way into about 20 smaller markets while Universal’s Pitch Perfect 2 is tuning up in Australia and New Zealand. Oz was the top overseas market for the 2012 original with over $13M. The offshore portion of the $115M total was about $50M. This movie has co-star Elizabeth Banks directing which is likely to boost the overseas profile — as is the plotline which has the girls enter an international a cappella competition. Further rollout runs through May, June and July. In expansions, Sony’s Chappie pays a visit to China.

Detailed accounts of the international weekend are below, followed by local market snapshots. Actuals have been updated for all films:

Avengers Age of UltronUPDATE, WRITETHRU, 11:53 AM PT: International weekend studio estimates are in with Disney reporting Avengers: Age Of Ultron has superpowered its way to $626M globally in 12 days of release. With an estimated $168M offshore frame, Ultron now has an overseas haul of about $439M. It’s also tracking ahead of comps The Avengers and Iron Man 3 — in both dollar and local currency terms. Meanwhile, China, one of the major markets where Ultron has yet to bow, showed momentum this frame. Furious 7 still has gas in the tank there while three homegrown films, Silent Separation, Helios and The Left Ear are also among the Top 10 on the offshore chart, bringing in over $60M combined. More on those films later in the local round-ups. In the meantime, here’s the breakdown on studio titles.

It’s indeed the Age Of Ultron. Along with North America, the Marvel actioner added 44 offshore markets this frame to take the total to 88 — about 71% of its footprint. It has debuted at No. 1 in every market since beginning the international rollout on April 22 and now has a final overseas cume of $439.8M. Disney’s EVP of Distribution, Dave Hollis, tells me Ultron is currently running about 7% higher than the first Avengers and 6% ahead of Iron Man 3, each, importantly, on a dollar basis. That’s despite global currency fluctuations which have been pounding returns. In local currencies, AOU is up 31% versus Avengers and 27% over Iron Man 3.

Although the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout last night may have dinged Ultron Stateside, Hollis says the international business is “more than making up” for whatever impact the fight may have had. The offshore drop was a better than projected 37% with, significantly, China yet to come on May 12 and Japan on July 4.

Among the notable markets added for the Joss Whedon-helmed mash-up this session were Mexico ($25.5M), Thailand ($7.4M) and Spain ($6.2M).

New benchmarks in various territories include Mexico’s opening which was the biggest industry weekend debut of all time with 92% of the market. Thailand scored the 2nd biggest industry opening weekend ever, 10% above Avengers and 3% above Iron Man 3. Spain‘s bow was the biggest ever for a Marvel Cinematic Universe title. In the Middle East, Ultron had the No. 2 best opening weekend across the region. Turkey was the 2nd best start ever for a Western film and Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Central America and Peru are all widely outpacing the comps.

Across all ex-U.S. markets, Korea is tops with a final $55.8M making Ultron the No. 3 Disney movie of all time there — it will pass Avengers on Monday. The UK is next with $48.9M and a holiday tomorrow; Brazil follows with $29M and a drop of just 16.9%; Russia’s $26.6M makes Ultron  bigger than Avengers but below Iron Man 3.

Ultron has set records in myriad territories both for the local industries and for the studios. Add IMAX to the mix now with the large format’s first ever $30M+ weekend. Of that, $25.2M came from the reunion of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Cap, Hulk & Co — the biggest ever global box office score without China in the mix. (The other $5M in the frame was from Furious 7 in China and Japan — more below.) Ultron‘s worldwide IMAX cume to date will hit $40M in just 12 days, faster than any other IMAX movie (the previous title holder was Iron Man 3 in 14 days). Internationally for IMAX, Ultron this frame added $7.2M on 221 screens in 50 countries for a cume of $22M. Holdovers were strong with some markets improving on their first Friday numbers. Openers this session that delivered their best weekends ever were Mexico ($300K/12 screens), Ecuador ($40K per screen), and Egypt ($100K per screen).

The film’s $439M international total has exceeded the lifetimes of Captain America ($194M), Iron Man ($265M), Thor ($268M), Iron Man 2 ($310M) and Thor: The Dark World ($439M). The global $627M figure pushes it over the full runs of Captain America ($371M), Thor ($449M), Iron Man ($583M) and Iron Man 2 ($622M). Ultron‘s perf has also pushed Disney past the $1B international threshold in the second shortest amount of time in the studio’s history.

'Furious 7' Pulls Ahead At Friday B.O.While Ultron, is dominating action at overseas turnstiles, Furious 7 showed it still has gas in the tank. It added a little less than expected $50.8M in 65 markets (the estimate was for $52.8M in 67 territories) this frame. It’s off only 29% weekend to weekend, despite the bow of Age of Ultron. The May 1 holiday was a boon in many countries, including China where F7 will remain in pole position for the third frame in a row despite the entry of several local titles. Taking in a less than expected $29.1M (estimate was for $31M there this weekend), it was off just 22% and has a 22-day Middle Kingdom total of $375M. Last weekend it became the highest-grossing movie of all time in the territory. It now holds similar records in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, the UAE, Uruguay, Trinidad and Vietnam.

The film had already passed $1B last Sunday and has now raced to $1.091B at the offshore box office. Combining F7‘s new overseas cume with its domestic loot turbo charges the worldwide total to $1.422B, making it (as aforementioned) the 4th highest grossing film of all time globally — pushing it past Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2‘s $1.34B. It now falls in line behind Avatar ($2.8B), Titanic ($2.2B) and The Avengers ($1.5B).

The Top 5 grossing markets outside China remain the UK ($54.3M), Mexico ($50.4M), Brazil ($43M), Germany ($37.4M), France ($31M) and Russia ($32.2M).

homeDreamWorks Animation’s Home cozied up to a better than anticipated $17.7M on 9,252 screens in 64 markets. That takes the international cume to $170.8M. China had a 2nd session haul of $10.8M, impressive given an influx of local titles. The cume there is $21.3M. Amid the Labor Day/May Day fêtes, the Fox release saw jumps in several markets including France, Holland, Germany and Argentina. In the UK, the $32.67M cume pushes Home past the local tallies of Wall-E, Brave, Big Hero 6, Despicable Me and Madagascars 1 and 3.

Ultron isn’t the only Disney marvel that continues to achieve new heights at the international box office. Cinderella kicked up a much better than expected $8.2M (estimates originally had it at $7M) overseas to take the international total to $301.8M with a $500M worldwide total in sight. Currently it’s $495.4M. In its 8th weekend of release, the Kenneth Branagh-directed live action fairy tale is playing in 33 markets. Notably, Japan dropped only 9% and held the top spot for a Western release. The cume there is $15.8M

Sony’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 collared a better than expected $4.6M (up from $4.3M) on 2,618 screens in 49 markets this weekend, bringing the overseas cume to $24.7M. Launches included Argentina with $306K on 57 screens, more than double the opening of Zookeeper and 29% bigger than Grown Ups 2, per the studio. Israel opened to $67K on 18 screens and Sweden grossed $52K at 69 plays — 29% more than the original. In holdovers, Germany was up 49% from the previous weekend with $1M in its 4th frame, increasing its cume to $4.2M. Venezuela was also up, 2% in its 3rd frame for a $2.3M cume.

From Universal, Unfriended is in the very early stages of its international rollout with a chummy better than expected $3.9M (up from an est. $3.6M) weekend in nine territories. In the UK, the Blumhouse scarer opened at No. 2 with $2.1M at 436 locations. The result was better than expected and landed it near par with the debut perfs of Ouija, Insidious and Sinister, nicely teeing up Monday’s holiday. Australia also opened at No. 2 with $994K at 184 dates and well ahead of titles like Drag Me To Hell, Deliver Us From Evil and Carrie, says Uni. The offshore total is now $4M. It bowed in the Philippines at No. 2 with $440K at 100 dates. The horror pic opens abroad over the next few months with Korea up next on May 7.

Run All Night ran up another $3.4M for Warner Bros from 2,653 screens in 49 markets. The international cume to date is now $38.1M. New openers included Brazil ($667K/316); Italy ($520K/248); and Argentina ($371K/138). The next key release is Japan on May 16.

Fox’s The Longest Ride galloped into a handful of new markets for $3.36M including Germany ($1.68M/393 screens), Austria ($284K/64) and Brazil ($265K/130. The latter gave author Nicholas Sparks his best opening ever. The offshore cume is now $11.97M.

In Japan, Fox International Productions’ Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is rolling along quite nicely firing up an additional $2.7M on 646 screens. The cume for the Toei distributed and backed release is $21.6M as Golden Week hits its stride.

Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of Far From The Madding Crowd added the UK this frame after bowing in the helmer’s homeland of Denmark last week. With a better than expected $2.28M this weekend, the international cume is now $2.55M on the Carey Mulligan-starrer. Fox has it at $2.1M in the UK on 561 screens.

Ouija is back on the boards with an estimated $1.1M in three territories this frame. That helped it crack the $50M offshore mark ith a total of $51M to date. The Michael Bay/Jason Blum produced pic began its rollout in October last year and just had its last theatrical releases in Belgium ($161K/27 dates), France ($906K/163) and French-speaking Switzerland ($37K/11) this weekend. On Thursday, news of the sequel became official with Universal setting an October 21, 2016 release date.

focus 2Warner Bros’ Will Smith con artist pic Focus has pulled into Japan with $673K from 235 screens. The weekend in full was worth a slightly better anticipated $1.1M on 585 screens in 28 markets. The frame also helped take Focus across the $100M mark to score $100.5M to date.

Nearing the half-century mark, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel checked in with $913K this session from 1,039 screens in 25 markets. That takes the international cume to $49.8M with Italy on deck next weekend.

Fox’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, which crossed $400M last week at the worldwide box office, has recruited a further a much better than expected final tally of $727K from 309 screens in 21 markets. That takes the international total to $276.3M.

Ex Machina, the sci-fi film from filmmaker Alex Garland which has been a critic favorite in the states, grossed $661K in 17 markets for an international total now of $8.7M. The top holdover for this film is Germany with $294K at 121 runs for an 11-day total of $731K. There are three more markets to release which includes Australia on May 7th.

Woman in Gold, the Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynold drama, has been playing in eight territories and has an overall international cume of $6.6M for The Weinstein Co. It opened in Greece to No. 2 and in New Zealand is now the highset-grossing TWC film in the territory (still ranking No. 3 in the market after four weeks). It took in $600K this weekend for an overall decline of only 27%.

The animated comedy Shaun the Sheep from the Aardman Co. is being distributed by Universal both in Europe and Latin America. The international total after this weekend is $59.7M. Not baaahd.

Another comedy, this one the live-action Half Brothers moved into its fourth weekend and benefitted greatly from the May 1 holiday to bring in a $330K gross in 327 runs for a total to date of $2.3M for Universal, which is one again, handling German-speaking markets.

The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe’s directorial debut in which he also stars, has grossed a total of $14.7M internationally to date.

Fifty Shades of Grey is still playing in 16 markets to bring its international cume up after this weekend to whipping … er, we mean whopping …  $403.4M. The worldwide total is now at $569.6M. A sequel is being prepped.

Lastly, the Jennifer Lopez thriller The Boy Next Door is still ringing up grosses in 11 territories for a total of $14.7M with two more markets planned for release for the Rob Cohen-directed pic: France on May 20th and Italy on July 23rd.

Local Market Round-Up

silent separationThe Labor Day Weekend holiday began on Friday and propelled a strong session at the Middle Kingdom box office. Let by Furious 7 and its $31M frame ($381.8M total), the session also saw the arrival of romantic drama Silent Separation at No. 2, followed by crime thriller Helios and last week’s hit The Left Ear. Silent Separation, the Le Vision Pictures title that’s also billed as You Are My Sunshine, grossed $28M for a $37M cume (there were sneaks last Sunday). Helios earned $16.9 this frame for a cume of $22M across six territories including China. Out of Hong Kong, the thriller stars Jacky Cheung. Returning to the chart after last week’s bow, The Left Ear, about a deaf girl who becomes infatuated with a fellow student, added $15.5M for a $62M cume.

Chinatown-p1In Korea, which has quickly become the top offshore market for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, local pic China Town (aka Coin Locker Girl) earned $3.8M for a $4.4M cume and the No. 2 slot. Directed by Han Jun-Hee, it’s a drama about a girl who had been placed in a coin-operated subway station locker as a newborn and is later found and raised by a woman who is the boss of a loan shark group.

connasse princesse des coeursConnasse, Princesse Des Coeurs which could be translated as Bitch, Princess Of Hearts, stole some this weekend in France. Camille Cottin stars in the feature transfer of her hidden camera Canal Plus series. The comedienne plays Camilla, a Parisienne who decides to create a better life for herself — by seeking out and marrying Britain’s Prince Harry. Reviews have been somewhat mixed, but the comedy was well received at the box office with $3.5M for the debut frame. Gaumont is releasing the film that’s directed by series creators Eloïse Lang and Noémie Saglio. Shot with hidden cameras in France and on location in London, it’s been referred to as an anti-Borat by Lang. Camilla “isn’t there to judge people or make them seem like morons. She’s the ‘bitch’, she’s the one with the problem and the other people are protected, becoming a sort of gallery of witnesses who watch her pass by — like the heroine of a comic strip who’s propelled into real life.”

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