Scarjo’s Black Widow Falls For Ultron In Marvelous Parody: ‘SNL’

In a generally weak SNL outing, the expected plug for host Scarlett Johansson’s latest romp as Black Widow in Avengers: Age Of Ultron was delivered in the evening’s best video spoof, a promo for 2016’s Black Widow: Age Of Me. The upcoming film from Marvel will answer the question, “Does Marvel not know how to make a girlĀ superhero movie? Chill.” This movie comes “from Marvel Studios — and the writers of 27 Dresses. Black Widow’s intern at “Fashion Week” magazine meets the robot of her dreams in Central Park, watches in amazement as his cyborg manhood is “activated,” and makes girl talk with her BFFs before catching the eye of Hulk. I thought it was charming and didn’t overstay its welcome, as so many of these bits tend to do. What did you think?

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