The Bruce Jenner ABC Special Won Big On Social Media

Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 interview last night with Bruce Jenner, during which the Olympic gold medalist talked publicly for the first time about his transgender status, was ratings gold for ABC. Achieving numbers normally associated with zombies and sports, not television news magazines, the special dominated the pop culture discussion last night and continues to do so today.

It’s not shock then that interview has also been a huge hit on social media, becoming the top Friday night broadcast ever for social media presence, excluding sports events. Here’s a breakdown of the current numbers:

On Twitter, the topic Bruce Jenner has, according to Twitter’s own stats, seen 836K tweets. Meanwhile, the hashtag #brucejenner has 160,877 tweets, and #brucejennerabc 189,619.

Nielsen Social reports a full 972,000 Tweets were sent by 403,000 users, with 8.1 million people seeing at least one or more of them. Nielsen reports also that these tweets were viewed 139 million times.

On Facebook, the video has pulled more than 350K views.

On Youtube, the official video on ABC’s channel has seen 2,220,149 views, while unofficial feeds are showing views in the hundreds of thousands each.

Demand for the video is high enough that is pushing visitors to the network’s app in a push to relieve traffic on the main site.


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