Broadcasting’s New Giant Is…Tegna?

It’s not a fungus, a luxury car, or a tax deduction. And we’re not referring to what Wikipedia tells us is a former municipality in Switzerland that had the name. No, “Tegna” is the brand that Gannett just picked for the broadcasting and digital company it will create this year when it splits the nation’s largest collection of independently owned big-market network affiliates from its newspaper publishing assets. The print entity including USA Today will keep the Gannett name. Both will be publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, with Tegna using the symbol TGNA.

Why “Tegna”? Here comes the corporate-speak: It’s “a nod to the more than 100 year-old history of Gannett,” CEO Gracia Martore says. “While always reminding us where we came from, the new name also shows our innovative spirit and commitment to being a forward-looking company that empowers people, businesses and communities to grow and thrive.”

How? Oh, nevermind.

But get used to Tegna. It will have 46 TV stations that reach a third of all households, and be the No. 1 affiliate group for NBC and CBS, and No. 4 for ABC.  The company also will house and CareerBuilder.


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