‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Game Trailer Looks Like A Live-Action Movie

It’s been quite the weekend for Star Wars trailers of various sorts, no doubt in part because of the big four-day fan event in Anaheim this weekend focused on the franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront title cardFirst there was Thursday’s (really pretty thrilling) teaser for The Force Awakenswhich did plenty to awaken the force of fan frenzy for the film debuting in December. Then there was today’s teaser for first spinoff, Rogue One, which screened in a panel at the Anaheim show but hasn’t officially been released (while of course leaking online in half a heartbeat).

In between, however, comes this equally very cool trailer for the upcoming Electronic Arts videogame Star Wars Battlefrontthe latest in a long line of games of widely varying quality and success based on that galaxy a long, long time ago (or, in the case of Bioware’s fantastic Knights of the Old Republic spinoff titles, even longer ago than that).

This trailer, which also was released this weekend, confirms the new trailer will debut on November 17, a month and a day before The Force Awakens arrives in theaters. It also shows a stunningly high level of quality for footage allegedly generated within the game itself, all wrapped around plenty of action sequences for Star Wars fans looking for a dose of fun before the movie arrives.

No surprise that to get that level of visual quality will require some serious graphics horsepower. The game will only be available for PC and for the newest-generation consoles, the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

Check this trailer out. It’s pretty impressive. Let us know what you think.

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