‘Furious 7’ Drives To $1.12B Global, Busts China Records; ‘Dragonball’ Big In Japan – Intl B.O. Update

By Nancy Tartaglione, Anita Busch

6th UPDATE: 1:44 PM and 4:00 PM PT: Final grosses for all 25 films have been updated below. All final tallies are in from all studios.

5th UPDATE, 11:04 AM PT: Fast & Furious 7 final numbers are in and did a bit less than anticipated to race in with $166.9M for a 19-day international total of $857.9M. It has broken records in China to become the highest-grossing opening week for any film ever in China. The worldwide total stands at $1.52B. This weekend it played in 67 markets with 17,834 runs.

In Japan, it opened with $6M at 309 dates, which made it the biggest opening for the franchise in Japan and the biggest opening ever for a Universal film in the country. Unbelievably, it was second in Japan to Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F which took in a final of $8M at 656 dates. The per screen was better for F7, however. Comparatively, the animated Dragon Ball took in $12K and the Vin Diesel starrer grabbed $19K. Japan was the final market to release F7 to the world.

Not to be outdone, the mash-up monster grossed $88.7M in China. It played on 5,454 screens for a fantastic eight-day total of $245.9M. It is now, as also mentioned below, the second-highest grosser behind Transformers: Age Of Extinction ($320M).

Fast & Furious 7 powershifted into the record books again as Universal’s highest-grossing of all time in 29 terrorities and also is noted as the highest-grossing film ever released in four markets including the United Arab Emirates.

Below in the updates are all previous estimates for F7. However, all other listed films below will have been updated with final numbers. So far, finals are in for Disney’s animated extravaganza Cinderella, the Helen Mirren-starring drama Woman In Gold, Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s Home, Fox’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Scott Eastwood-starring The Longest Ride, Helen Mirren’s second offering The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Japan’s animated hero Dragon Ball Z: Ressurrection F, the actioner Mr. X, this year’s Oscar Best Picture Birdman, Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water and the horror film The Pyramid.

Just added in more titles at 11:38 AM PT and 1:17 PM PT: Monday. Added final grosses have come in for the Universal/Blumhouse horror flick Unfriended which only debuted in a couple of smaller markets, the Russell Crowe-directed and starring The Water Diviner, the animated Shaun The Sheep, the comedy the German comedy Half Brothers and the stateside sci-fi favorite Ex Machina. Also reporting is the Jennifer Lopez-starring thriller The Boy Next Door, another Blumhouse film Ouija and Universal’s $400M+ international star Fifty Shades Of Grey. Also cumes are below for Warner Bros.’ Liam Neeson action pic Run All Night, the Will Smith, Margot Robbie crime caper Focus and the Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard and finally, the thriller Der Nanny and Lionsgate’s Stalin-era based thriller/mystery Child 44.

4th UPDATE, 4 PM PT: Furious 7 is now Universal’s top-grossing film of all time at $1.153B after 19 days in release. While it’s the studio’s first first-run pic to cross $1B, it’s worth mentioning that Jurassic Park also hit the milestone worldwide, topping out at $1.03B including the re-release and 3D upgrade in 2013. The rest of the marketplace this frame was largely loaded with holdovers and expansions including Home, Cinderella and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 while some local pics made hay, notably Fox’s Dragonball Z: Resurrection F which scored the biggest opening in Japan of 2015. (See below for more details on local-language performers).

Overall, the weekend across the Top 10 studio releases was down just 12.4% internationally and at par with the same frame last year. That 2014 session included Rio 2’s $47.1M; 14 initial markets for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which caught $47M in its web; and Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s $35.3M.

Next week, many offshore territories are making way for Avengers: Age Of Ultron which begins flexing superhero muscle on April 22 in such key markets as France, Italy, Brazil, Germany, the UK, Russia and Korea ahead of its Stateside bow on May 1. The international rollout is pretty similar to most late-April/early-May Marvel patterns. About 55% of the overseas footprint will be covered before Ultron heads to North America with another 10% offshore. China, which was The Avengers‘ top play in 2012, opens May 12 and Japan is on July 4. The Avengers topped out at $1.52B worldwide and Ultron looks set for global domination in the next few weeks.

Market snapshots are below the original post. Actuals will be updated on Monday.

UPDATED, 3rd WRITETHRU, 11:11 AM PT: We got offshore estimates in at 9:22 AM and more in throughout the morning so here is the very latest: Offshore returns this weekend saw Furious 7 keep up its breakneck pace at the international box office. Universal’s magnificent 7 cruised past $1B on Friday, marking a milestone as the studio’s first ever billion-dollar-baby. This weekend, it added $167.9M at 18,423 dates in 67 territories for an overseas cume of $858.3M in only 19 days. The worldwide tally is now $1.153B after three weeks at No. 1 and makes F7 the studio’s top-grossing movie ever and the No. 7 pic of all time.

In China, the Furious numbers are positively mad. With a $93.3M weekend in the Middle Kingdom, the total is now $250.5M after just eight days. The Vin Diesel-starrer has broken myriad records including as the fastest film to cross 1B yuan (it took five days). F7 is now the second highest grossing American film of all time, behind Transformers: Age Of Extinction at $301M.

F7 rolled into Japan, its last international territory this weekend. Racing off the block on Friday, it put $6M in the tank for a franchise-best debut. In holdover markets for F7, the UK has grossed $46.9M, followed by Mexico at $45.6M; Brazil at $32.4M; and Germany at $32.1M to round out the Top 5. In Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE and Vietnam, F7 is now the highest-grossing movie ever, and in 29 markets is Uni’s biggest.


Gotta point out that F7 had stiff competition from Fox’s Dragonball Z: Resurrection F in Japan, which was No. 1 with an estimated $8M in 656 locales across Saturday and Sunday. That is a 40% higher opening than Fox’s Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods in 2013. Fox will distribute directly in Latin America this time and is expected to better the previous movie’s $15M in the region. These tend to do very well overseas with the last film grossing $50M+ worldwide. The budget on Resurrection F was just $5M.

Fox International Productions also got a big No. 1 opening in India this weekend with Mr. X, a poorly reviewed action/fantastical film which just became the fourth biggest opening in the country this year. It nabbed $3.14M on 2,130 screens in India and the UAE. The total cume for the 7 markets its playing is is $3.2M.

The new U.S. entry this frame was Lionsgate’s Stalin-era based thriller Child 44 starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace which began its rollout in 25 markets including the UK and France, but not Russia. The Stalin-era thriller was banned earlier in the week by Russian authorities after the Ministry of Culture complained about what it described as “distortion of historic facts and willful interpretation of events.” The Daniel Espinosa-helmed pic took $2M during its opening frame with the UK repping $752K on 443 screens. it opened 4th behind holdovers F7, Cinderella, and Home. France drew $362K from 185 dates. Lionsgate covered a big part of the estimated $50M budget with international pre-sales; Russia’s Central Partnership acquired it as part of a package deal in 2011. Major upcoming markets include Mexico (April 24), Italy (April 30), Brazil (May 21), Germany (June 4) and Spain (June 5).

New from Universal and Blumhouse is the horror film Unfriended opened to No. 3 stateside over the weekend with $15.8M on a micro-budget. The international run kicked in this weekend in two smaller markets of Lithuania and Slovenia so its gross is only $55K right now from 20 runs. It will really start up in Australia April 3oth followed by the UK and Ireland on May 1. Speaking of micro-budgeted horror films from Blumhouse, Universal still has Ouija in four markets with three more yet to go, including France on April 29th. It opened in South Korea this weekend at No. 6 with $398K in 264 dates. Its total international cume is $49.78M.


Home from DreamWorks Animation took in a total of $11.37M on 7,752 screens in 72 markets. Its big territory opening was in France where it took advantage of the high percentage of kids in the marketplace due to a school holiday which runs through May 3. It opened to $1.58M on 653 runs in this market to sit at No. 3 in its debut. It also had an excellent hold in some other key territories, including Brazil where it dropped only 34% and Down Under where it hung on strong with a mere 32% dip. It’s international cume to date is $129.96M. Added to its estimated domestic haul, Home has grossed over $271M worldwide.

Disney doll Cinderella has crossed $450M globally, filling her coach with $458.6M worldwide and $272.1M internationally. Incoming coin this weekend amounted to $8.2M in 47 territories. Notably, Australia dropped only 30% and its $14.9M has exceeded the lifetime of Maleficent, Disney’s 2014 live action fairy tale spinoff. The UK held at No. 2 for the 3rd weekend in a row behind Furious 7. China remains the top market at $71.1M. Cindy still has Japan on the horizon on April 25; Maleficent was the No. 3 movie of the year there last year with about $63M.

Sony’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 expanded this frame to bag $7.1M on 3,000 screens in 41 territories. The overseas cume after two plays is $10.1M. Latin America, which is big on family-friendly comedies, and has a soft spot for producer Adam Sandler, delivered star Kevin James his best numbers of all time in the region. The perfs were led by Mexico ($1.7M/ 1,130 screens, No. 2), Venezuela ($480K/48, No. 2), Central America ($225K/ 68, No. 3), Colombia ($175K/ 120, No. 3) and Ecuador ($120K/ 38, No. 2). Australia launched to $1.2M on 207 screens, and on par with the first Mall Cop. The Middle East collected $1.2M on 386 screens in eight countries, led by the UAE ($550K/32 screens, No. 1). Holdover business continued in Germany and the UK where the cumes are $2.3M and $1.6M, respectively.

Run All Night Warner Bros’ actioner starring Liam Neeson, launched in 29 more markets, including Mexico, Germany, Spain, and Russia, and grossed $6M from 4,104 screens, in 52 markets. The international cume to date now stands at $28.3M.

Key openings were Mexico which ran in with $1.3M from 1,130 screens; Germany took in an estimated $812K (including previews) from 377 screens while Russia pulled in $610K on 707 screens. Spain grossed $569K on 240 runs. The biggest three markets for Run All Night are the UK which has a total cume of $3.2M, followed by France ($2.9M) and Korea ($2M). Next markets up for this actioner are Italy and Brazil (April 30) followed by Japan (May 16).

Woman in Gold, which is enjoying an ever-expanding run stateside, took in another $1.2M this weekend in a total of five international markets. It only dropped 22% overall since last weekend. Its total overseas cume to date is $3.85M. The top markets for this Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds drama is the UK, Israel (where it has the No. 2 per screen average) and New Zealand (also in the top four per screens). The estimated worldwide total for this Weinstein Co. picture is $19.8M.

Lionsgate reports that Insurgent added $4.1M this frame in 83 offshore markets. The overseas cume is now $141.6M for a worldwide tally of $262.2M. China is expected to release in May.

Ex Machina, which is being released by A24 in the states and Universal internationally, has grossed $380K in 12 markets to bring its international cume to $7M. Its currently playing on 290 screens. This sexy, sci-fi thriller that stars Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander, is just killing it with high per screen averages in North America as it winds it way from a limited release to a wide release this coming weekend. The film is written and directed by Alex Garland.

Meanwhile, Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water grossed another $2.2M from 1,803 seas in 39 markets. The international cume is now $147.4M. The animated picture opened 20% above The Lego Movie in Thailand with $236K in 56 locales. The UK added another $545K from its 546 runs to bring its local cume to $10.7M. In Australia, the total cume in its third weekend of release is $5.6M.

The Longest Ride has already ridden out in the territories it opened in this weekend. It bowed in both Russia and the Philippines to No. 7 and No. 4 in the markets, respectively. In 36 markets on 1,536 screens, it grossed $2M for a total international cume of $6.19M.

Kingsman: The Secret Service pulled in another $2.1M in 32 markets this weekend. It’s playing on 2,464 screens and had a strong opening in Venezuela this time around with $540K on 60 screens — which the studio noted is 68% above the X-Men: First Class bow. The international cume is now over $271.99M after enjoying strongholds in China (where it has cumed $72.8M) and in South Korea (a $45.46M cume).

Warner Bros’ Der Nanny, which is in its fourth weekend of release, grossed $924K on 724 screens for a total cume of $11.4M. It actually has a total of $12.8M if you account for Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel rang up $854K from 1,395 screens in 30 markets. Germany and France, in their 3rd weekend of release, saw small drops of 27% and 38%, respectively. The international cume is now at $47.7M with upcoming releases for the Fox Searchlight pic in 16 additional international markets.

Shaun The Sheep, an animated comedy from the Aardman company, opened in Spain this weekend, moving up the box office ladder on Saturday to end the weekend in the No. 2 spot behind only Furious 7. In 300 fields, it collected $748K. Universal also has rights in Latin America, where the film will be released in Sept. of this year. The cume, including non-Universal grosses, is at $54M.

The Water Diviner, the Russell Crowe-directed and starring Australian historical drama opened in France, Belgium, Netherlands and French-Switzerland. It grossed a better than expected $479K at 219 dates in the four markets. France took in $304K at 136 locales. Belgium grossed $42K in 25 runs. And the Netherlands brought in $60K at 48 dates while French-Switzerland was good for $73K in ten locales. Universal’s total cume including earlier releases in Australia ($12.8M) and New Zealand ($610K) is $13.85M. Universal will release the Award-winning film in seven more European territories.


The Divergent Series: Insurgent took in another $4.29M from 80 markets to bring its total up to $142.27M for Lionsgate. The highest-grossing markets for the second film in the Divergent franchise is France with a $15.5M market cume, followed by the UK with $11.7M and Brazil with $11.6M. This film has yet to bow in China or Japan.

Birdman held steady in its second weekend in Japan and is currently the No. 2 MPA title in the marketplace. This year’s Best Picture Oscar winner has a total international cume of $60.99M and is still playing in 13 territories. It took in another $384K in Japan for a market cume of $2M.

The comedy Half Brothers (Halbe Brueder), which Universal is distributing in German-speaking markets, grossed another $543K in 491 dates for a total of $1.5M.

Fifty Shades of Grey continues to play in 31 terrorities and whipped in another $266K this weekend from 465 houses to bring its international cume to $402.8M. The worldwide cume from this film based on a bestselling book now stands at $568.8M for Universal.

The horror film The Pyramid opened in Germany and Poland to take in $104K and 92K, respectively. The international cume now sits at $11.58M.

Lastly, the Jennifer Lopez-starring thriller The Boy Next Door from Universal grossed $266K from 403 dates in 13 markets. It opened this weekend in Poland to No. 4 ($106K in 94 runs) and in Chile to No. 8 ($123K in 18 runs) with two more big markets yet to bow — it heads to Italy on May 14th and to France on May 20th. Its total international cume now sits at $13.89M.

Get Hard, the comedy that stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, has a current international cume of $15.7M. The Will Smith, Margot Robbie crime comedy Focus has a total cume to date of $97.5M.

The Middle Kingdom this frame continued to put Furious 7 in the driver’s seat with an additional $93.3M to bring the total to $250.5M. That parks it in the No. 2 all-time spot amongst Hollywood movies in the market, behind Transformers: Age Of Extinction. A final number on that film tends to vary between the Paramount reported $301M and local data ever since we lovethat raises it to $320M. F7 will have a few more weeks in China which next frame adds Home, but no major new local titles. Avengers: Age Of Ultron doesn’t land until May 12. In local movies this frame, romantic, youth-skewing Ever Since We Love earned $10.4M to tie for No. 2 on the overall international chart. The Yu Li-helmed pic stars Fan Bingbing.

Fox International Productions’ sequel Dragonball Z: Resurrection F was the runaway winner of the weekend in Japan with $8M. Animated local films generally do a multiple of 4, nicely setting this one up to overtake its predecessor Dragonball Z: Battle Of Gods which topped out locally at about $30M and ended its global run with about $50M. The $5M budget Resurrection F’s opening was 40% ahead of the previous film, and notably beat the bow of Furious 7 making Japan the only territory in the world where the Universal juggernaut did not take pole position. Still, F7 marked the best debut ever for that franchise. The Dragonball series is now a franchise for Fox’s local-language production arm, although it is the last release as a Fox exec for FIP chief Sanford Panitch who is moving to Sony.

The debut for the sequel, which released in 3D, IMAX and 4DX and played on a total of 656 screens, was bigger than the following comps: 2014’s Pokemon (+147%), 2015’s Doreamon (+50%) and 2014’s Detective Conan (+22%). Audience reaction was positive with demand already high for another sequel to continue the franchise. Japan is a very big market for local titles which repped 58% of total box office in 2014 — 65% when the Frozen phenomenon ($250M) is extracted. Cinderella bows on April 25.

mr x posterFox Star Studios’ Mr. X released on Friday and landed at No. 8 on international chart for the frame. It took $3.14M in India and the UAE combined. The 4th biggest bow of the year in India, it’s impressive given that attention is somewhat turned right now to the Indian Premiere League cricket tournament that began April 8 and runs for six weeks. Increasingly, films are being counterprogrammed during the period. Vikram Bhatt directed the 3D sci-fi suspense thriller that stars Emraan Hashmi as a man who harnesses the power of invisibility and uses it to right the wrongs of a corrupt society.

robin des bois posterThe Jamel Debbouze-helmed animated pic Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father grossed $2.8M for Pathé this frame, putting it in the Top 20 internationally. It has now cumed $8.7M. New opener Robin Des Bois, La Véritable Histoire (Robin Hood, The Real Story), had a good start. The Mars Distribution release hasn’t been tallied through the weekend, but was the No. 2 newbie on its first day, behind Home. Anthony Marciano directs the reverse Robin Hood tale about a thief who steals only from women, the poor and the elderly. With a view to buying his dream brothel, he decides to rob the tax depot in Nottingham, but his plans go awry when he runs into the Sherwood Gang, who steal from the rich to give to the poor, and are eyeing a similar heist. Max Boublil, Geraldine Nakache and Patrick Timsit star.

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