Bill Maher Not Buying What Judith Miller Selling On ‘Real Time’

Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher  as she sells her book The Story: A Reporter’s Journey, to explain why she wasn’t more skeptical while reporting in the walk-up to the Iraq War. She insisted she “couldn’t have been more skeptical” in her reporting, but “politicians lie – you know that.”

But then she said real problem was “the intelligence community that is paid billions of dollars a year… totally got it wrong… and they could get it wrong again.”

“The information they got was with high confidence that Saddam Hussein had biological and chemical weapons, and moderate confidence that he did not yet have a nuclear weapon.”

Miller having asserted she doesn’t think Dick Cheney duplicitous, or George W. Bush naïve and trying to avenge his father, Maher scoffed, “Why should I believe you if I don’t believe any of these assertions?”

“We depend on the fourth estate to call bullshit on the military industrial complex,” Maher lectured.

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