Sony Attorney David Boies Warns Media After WikiLeaks Hacked E-Mail Rehash

BREAKING, With An Update: One day after Julian Assange and WikiLeaks announced it had indexed and cataloged all the e-mails that were stolen from Sony Pictures by computer hackers in a cyber hacking assault the U.S. government attributed to North Korea to put teeth in a threat to blow up movie theaters showing The Interview, attorney David Boies once again has put media on notice. A letter has been sent to media outlets appealing to them not to wallow in the ill-gotten goods. Most respectable media outlets don’t seem to have any appetite to re-enter territory that seemed morally questionable in December; only The Wrap so far has heartily bellied up to the trough for more. It seems questionable whether there is much legal ground here for Sony Pictures to stop publications from swimming in the sewer. It’s more a reminder of why the unprecedented computer breach was carried out, and that was to punish a movie studio and stifle free speech. The bottom line: Either you have class, or you don’t. I see that The Wrap’s resident unhinged  idiot Jeff Sneider is taking shots at this, which is entirely expected. From the standpoint of being obnoxious, he’s trade journalism’s answer to the Selfie Stick. Here’s the Boies letter (or read the PDF version):

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