Jenner Talks! Diane Sawyer Interview Promo 2

Tony Duffy/Allsport/Getty Images

ABC News has issued a second promo for its upcoming interview with Bruce Jenner, featuring a new nano-second of footage and a single sentence uttered by Jenner: ‘My whole life has been getting me ready for this.”

Last week, ABC News released its first promo for Diane Sawyer’s two-hour April 24 interview with Bruce Jenner. That 15 seconds of the back of Jenner’s head and shadows — only Sawyer’s well-lit face was featured — promised to reveal “the journey, the decisions, the future.” You may have seen it during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Avengers episode; more accurately, you could hardly miss it during last night’s JKL: Avengers broadcast.

ABC News made it official last week, announcing Sawyer would interview Jenner about his transition on April 24 at 9 PM ET.  The May sweep ratings derby this year starts on April 23. ABC News said the “far-ranging” exclusive interview would air on a special edition of 20/20called Bruce Jenner – The Interview.The interview with Sawyer will be the first discussion of Jenner’s transition by a major news outlet.

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