John Oliver & Michael Bolton Pay Tribute To The IRS On ‘Last Week Tonight’

Lobbying for increased funding for the IRS, John Oliver last night urged viewers not to blame the agency for the amount of money they’re paying in taxes, the idiotic number of changes made to the country’s tax code, or this year’s 5 million “courtesy disconnects” (rough translation: hang-ups) the IRS performed on taxpayers calling in for tax-return guidance. They should blame Congress, which, among other sins, slashed the IRS budget by 20%.

“I’m not saying the IRS is a likeable organization,” Oliver explained. “But not everything that’s important is likeable. Think of our government as a body. The IRS is the anus. It’s nobody’s favorite part. But you need that thing working properly…We don’t need to love the IRS, or even like them. But… they may deserve at least a few minutes of at least grudging acknowledgment of the unpleasant necessary function they serve.”

Michael Bolton showed up to sing a song of grudging acknowledgement as to the importance of properly funding the IRS.

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