Clinton Announcement: Who Did It Best – Hillary, ‘SNL’, RNC?

By the time Hillary Clinton’s campaign finally made her suspense-free announcement, via social media, that she was throwing her hat into the ring for the ’16 presidential race, her announcement video had a lot with which to contend.

Saturday Night Live already had made itself the star of the story, with its own version of Hillary’s announcement, unveiled last night and run ad nauseum this morning by news outlets as a stand-in for Hillary’s announcement when the anticipated noon ET launch time blew by.

And while Clinton’s video included loads of footage of average Americans announcing various projects on which they were Getting Started, including a tomato garden, retirement, a family etc, SNL’s clip had more star power: Darrell Hammond popped by in his much-loved role as Bill Clinton, this time announcing that he will be his wife’s running mate and that a vote for her would be a vote to put him back into the White House, as the country’s First Dude:

But, if you prefer your political announcements to be delivered with maximum drama, you can’t beat the Republican National Committee’s Hillary announcement, which debuted way back on Friday as an ominous #StopHillary online ad.

Their video  features a shadowy Hillary-esque figure in silhouette, walking on stage to make her big news, while TV news talking heads are heard discussing her as if she were something that had crawled out of a hollow tree, after which Clinton herself can be heard uttering her now famous line,”What difference, at this point, does it make?” line in re Benghazi:

And, of course, here’s Hillary Clinton’s announcement, posted to her campaign’s official website which, if not the best Hillary Clinton Announces video, is at least the last:

Which announcement video gets your vote?


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