‘Furious 7’ Box Office Hits $801.5M Global; ‘Paul Blart 2’, ‘Longest Ride’ New Overseas

4TH UPDATE, MONDAY, 4:02 PM: Final grosses are now in for all films. There’s a little less than expected for Lionsgate’s Insurgent, but the sequel still is on its way to grossing $250M worldwide this week. Also, grosses are in for Woman In Gold as it took its international bow in three more markets.

3RD UPDATE, MONDAY, 11:56 PM: Universal Pictures’ motorhead mash-up Furious 7 was the No. 1 film in all 66 territories it played at this weekend — and that includes its debut in China and Russia. It rallied Sunday to take in a better than anticipated $198.7M for a whopping total of $550M in only two weeks of release. The lifetime offshore total of F&F6 — $550M — was left in the rearview mirror today by F7. With a total domestic run to date of $251M, the worldwide cume for this monster is now $801.5M.

In China, it took 91% of the market share on Sunday for the biggest single day ever in that country’s history. In Russia, it became Universal’s biggest opening ever in the territory and also broke records in the country, logging the biggest four-day opening of all time.

Updates have been done for all films now.

Anita Busch contributed to this report.

2ND UPDATE, 5:10 PM PT: The Top 10 major studio releases were about 26% off of last week’s huge take that was led by Furious 7. That film fell just 20.4% this session and there was little change in the titles surfacing at the head of the class this week with Home, Cinderella, Kingsman and Insurgent among them. However, while F7 burned rubber on Sunday in its Middle Kingdom debut, a local Chinese pic edged its way into the 2nd position at the international box office. Wolf Warriors, the military action thriller from Jacky Wu (who also stars) added $18M this frame for a $68.5M cume. There were several foreign language pics in Rentrak’s chart this session; see below the original posts for more on those.

The frame was about 15% up on last year when Rio 2 winged in with $63.4M internationally, followed by strong holds for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Noah.

In major plays coming up next weekend, Furious 7 heads to Japan; Lionsgate’s Child 44 starts its international rollout with Tom Hardy starring in about 20 markets including the UK, Brazil and France; Liam Neeson’s Run All Night legs it to Germany, Russia and Mexico along with about 20 more territories; and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 expands further. This is all before Avengers: Age Of Ultron starts its offshore marvels with about 55% of the overseas footprint opening a week early, beginning with France and Italy on April 22.

1ST UPDATE 12:45 PM PT, WRITETHRU: This now has been updated with final numbers. International weekend grosses are now in for Furious 7 and it is, far and away, the leader of the pack, adding a better than expected $198.7M, up from the estimated $195M this frame at what ended up being 18,.374 theaters in all territories. That’s a slight 29% drop from its opening and brings the offshore cume to $550.4M through Sunday. The 11 days it took to pass $500M internationally is a record-setter for Universal. The worldwide cume is now a better than thought $801.5M up from the estimate of $800.5M after 12 days, pushing the Fast & Furious franchise above $3B to more than $3.2B through the weekend. F7 should hit the $1B global box office mark at the end of the coming week.

The seven-quel, as mentioned above, held pole position in all 63 territories where it was released last week and opened No. 1 in Russia, China and Poland this frame. China sped off to an estimated $68.8M (420M renminbi) from midnights and the day today on 5,454 dates. Per Uni, that is the highest box office, widest release and biggest attendance ever in one day for the Middle Kingdom. (China was the top play for Fast & Furious 6 with a total $67M.) Midnight shows put $8M in the tank with 1.3M admissions at 10,397 dates. The take beat the previous midnight showing record holder, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, which had $3.5M at 4,855 dates and 496K admissions last year.

Also in China, IMAX reported that F7 grossed $870K at midnight shows. The opening day IMAX box office is estimated to be a record-shattering $5M, exceeding the previous best opening day of Transformers 4 which took in $3.4M. IMAX worldwide says it grossed $14M for a worldwide total of $41.5M, which, by the way, is included in the Universal total.

Along with the IMAX and 3D plays, F7 is benefitting from success in neighboring countries like Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong which helped build anticipation. Stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham also paid a visit to Beijing a few weeks ago to grease the wheels.

In Russia, F7 bowed with a staggering 85% market share and a record-breaking weekend box office of $15.9M at 1,182 dates. This is the widest release and the highest grossing four-day opening weekend of all time in the market. It beat Pirates of the Caribbean 4 by 14%. It’s Uni’s biggest opening ever in the market and biggest franchise opening ever.

Poland, which also debuted F7 this frame, grossed $2.1M at 199 dates for the biggest opening weekend for the franchise and Universal in the market. It opened, naturally, to No. 1.

In holdovers, highlights include a $39.7M cume in Mexico, followed by the UK at $38.5M — those two are currently reversed from Fast & Furious 6 for which the UK was the biggest market after China with Mexico ending up 3rd — and Germany at $27.6M. Elsewhere, the top cumes are in Brazil ($24.2M), Australia ($23.1M), and India ($20.2M) — F7 is the now the biggest Hollywood film ever in the market in terms of admissions after Universal went deep here with four different dubs as well as English — France ($20.3M), Taiwan ($19.5M), Argentina ($16.5M), Italy ($15.9M) and Korea ($16M).

F7 is Universal’s highest grossing film of all time in 14 territories: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Paraguay, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam.

The next and final bow is in Japan on April 17 and Universal Pictures International President of Distribution Duncan Clark tells me the film has a “fantastic campaign lined up” in what can sometimes be a tough market. F&F6 did about $20M last time around, and F7 should outrun that. Clark says Uni is “hoping we can trigger the same kind of success we’ve had in other markets.”

the longest rideIn NEW titles, Fox’s The Longest Ride was the major entrant. The big screen version of Nicholas Sparks’ 17th romance novel rode into 28 international markets lassoing $2.8M on 1,121 screens in its debut. The George Tillman Jr-helmed pic that stars Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood, played best in Australia ($1.1M/213 screens), Mexico ($448K/253) and Holland ($243K/68). Russia opens next weekend.

Kevin James as "Paul Blart" in Columbia Pictures' comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop.Sony unleashed Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 in four overseas markets this frame, Segwaying to an estimated $2.6M on 1,015 screens. Germany was good for $1.3M on 509 screens. That puts it right in line with local pic Der Nanny also with $1.3M on 643 screens. Per Sony, that’s higher than Dumb And Dumber To and below Grown Ups 2. The UK started off with $706K on 414 screens; Austria was No. 2 with $170K on 73 plays; and German-speaking Switzerland had a $136K start on 43 screens for 3rd place. Kevin James rolls to Australia and Mexico this week.

Woman in Gold opened in three territories — UK, Spain and New Zealand — and ranked in the top four in per screen averages in the UK and Spain and ranked in the top three (including previews) in New Zealand. All told, the Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds film grossed $1.4M this weekend for a total cume (when you add the other market of Israel) of $1.5M.

Half Brothers (Halbe Brueder), a comedy from Germany that Universal is distributing in German-speaking territories, opened in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and German-Switzerland this weekend at 490 locales to grab $855K.

DreamWorks Animation’s Home zoomed past the $100M international box office mark this frame, cuming a better than expected $113.39M thus far. The Fox release added $15.7M from 8,794 screens in 72 markets. Among the key highlights, Brazil opened to $2.3M from 675 screens for a No. 2 slot behind F7. The UK has amassed $27.9M after four frames, adding $2.3M this weekend for a 36% drop. New Zealand and Belgium are among the markets that saw increases. France opens next weekend with the film headed towards an international run of about $160M-$165M in Fox markets. Factoring in China and Korea, it could end up at about $200M. If the domestic tally runs to a projected $170M, international will be up by roughly 18%. Putting that ratio in context for non-franchise original IP titles and based on current exchange rates, it’s lower than DWA’s The Croods and Fox’s own Rio, about on par with the first How To Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me, and above Monsters V Aliens and Cars.

It had two openings this weekend, Poland and India. In Poland it played in 211 sites for a $417K haul and in India on 156 locales it grabbed $217K.

Disney’s Cinderella swept up another $13M at the international box office this frame, taking the offshore total to $256.8M in 54 markets. Holds were strong with Australia notably dropping a mere 4% for a 2nd place finish behind Furious 7. China is still tops for the Kenneth Branagh-directed live action fairy tale, ending the run there at $69.5M. The UK ($22.5M), Italy ($16.2M), Mexico ($15.1M) and Australia ($11.9M) round out the Top 5. There is still Japan to come on April 25.

Disney’s other offering, Into the Woods took in another $1.2M this weekend to raise its cume to $256.8M. In Japan, the musical grossed another $600K for a total of $18.4M in that territory. As you remember, Japan was the longest-running territory outside the U.S. for Frozen.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is still kicking up a storm in Asia with a $70.6M cume now in China where it is the No. 3 movie — behind the debut of F7 and the 2nd frame of local pic Wolf Warriors. In total, the Matthew Vaughn pic added another $8.96M from 5,263 screens in 33 markets. The international cume is now $267.6M. Korea has taken a total $44.8M after its 9th weekend. As with many Fox films, Venezuela will open last, on April 17.

Lionsgate’s Insurgent is on its way to crossing $250M worldwide with a final tally of $249.4M coming out of the weekend. The domestic cume now stands at $114.7M with international adding $7.9M in 83 markets to take the overseas total to $134.7M. Insurgent will pass Divergent’s offshore cume of $137.8M this week and the film still has the key China market to go, likely in May. France remains the biggest play outside North America with $14.2M, followed by the UK ($11.3M) and Brazil ($10.9M). The Robert Schwentke-helmed sequel now has a view on overtaking its predecessor’s worldwide $289M gross, and potentially edging past $300M — not bad considering the mega-downturn in exchange rates against the dollar in the past year.

Ex Machina, which opened in limited release via A24 in the states to a 59K per screen, ended up grossing$122K at 140 dates in six territories this weekend for an international total of $6.6M. It opened in this weekend Norway and placed No. 3 with $76k at 57 dates. Poland held strong in its 4th week with $27k at 53 dates, -7% for a 24-day total of $373k. There are 12 more territories to release including Finland, Latvia and Ukraine this week.  

Warner Bros’ Will Smith-starrer Focus added an estimated $2.1M from 1,637 screens in 53 markets. The cume to date is now $94.8M. Japan opens May 1. The top market is the UK with $11.2M.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel rang up another $1.45M from 1,765 screens in 33 markets. There were no major new openings, but holds were good in Germany and Spain where the cumes are now $1.3M and a much less than expected $1.27M, respectively. The UK continues to dominate at $23M.

In its 2nd frame, comedy Get Hard muscled up another $1.5M on 721 screens in 13 markets, bringing the international cume to $13.6M. The UK continues to lead with $6.3M; Germany debuts May 7.

Local Russian pic Battle For Sevastopol, which Fox released last week, added $1.1M on 1,675 screens in Russia and Ukraine. The total is now $5.75M.

Birdman lightsOscar-winner Birdman flew into Japan for a terrific local start of $906K from 166 screens. That made it the top MPA title in the market. The offshore total on the Michael Keaton-starrer is now $59.6M after flying in with another $1M this weekend. Also from Fox, Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb enjoyed a $687K 4th session in Japan for a local cume of $11.88M and an international total of $248.4M.

In its 9th week of international play for Universal, Fifty Shades Of Grey has earned $401.9M in 32 markets on 755 screens for a worldwide total of $567.8M. It took in another $449K this weekend.

The Theory of Everything’s international cume raised to $85.3M this weekend after a three-day take $134K at 190 dates in 20 markets. Japan is the top holdover territory with $53K in 51 sites and has a total cume there of $1.5M in 30 days.

Paramount’s The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water soaked up $3.6M for the weekend in 2,087 locations in 38 markets. Its total cume to date is now $143.1M. Australia is up 17% to gross $1.2M at 327 sites to bring its total cume up to $4M while the UK grabbed $950K from 592 locations in its third weekend in release. It’s total there now stands at $9.7M. Upcoming dates for the sea creatures are April 16th in Thailand, May 8th in India and May 16th in Japan.

France’s Pourquoi J’Ai Pas Mangé Mon Père and Peru’s Asu Mare 2 both made appearances on the Rentrak leaderboard this frame. The animated French film stars popular comic actor Jamel Debbouze in the story of a simian rejected by his tribe who learns about love and humanity. It had the 5th best start of the year on its first day out Wednesday, falling just behind American Sniper and just ahead of Insurgent. In total, it clocked $3.5M over the five day release period.

It’s rare we see a Peruvian film enter the Top 20, but here we have Asu Mare 2, the sequel to 2013’s highest grossing movie of the year. Asu Mare in 2013 beat out Iron Man 3 by some $6M, ending the year at the top of the heap with $11.8M. Comedian Carlos Alcántara plays himself as he tries to win the love of his life in the sequel which drummed up a $2.8M start at home.

Along with Wolf Warriors in China, also popping up was Let’s Get Married, the romancer by Liu Jiang which now has a dowry of $42.5M in four markets.

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