John Oliver’s Edward Snowden Interview: Part 2

The morning after The Daily Show host Jon Stewart schooled Rolling Stone‘s publisher Jann Wenner, in re how “journalism” works, in the wake of a damning report about the magazine’s botched UVA rape report, HBO released more footage from its exclusive interview with much-in-the-news Edward Snowden, conducted by Last Week Tonight host (and The Daily Show alum) John Oliver. It’s kind of a bad week for old-school journalism.

In the additionally footage/outtake from last Sunday’s interview that had aired on HBO, Oliver discusses computer passwords with Snowden, who said common eight character passwords take less than a second for computers to crack. Snowden, mostly playing Oliver’s straight-man, also explained patiently why “passwerd” and “onetwothreefour” are terrible passwords. Password “limpbiscuit4eva” also “isn’t going to help, Sowden said, advising Oliver to stop thinking of passwords and start thinking of “passphrases.”

Oliver’s idea: “asmiralalonzoghostpenis420YOLO” got a “pretty good” out of Snowden, but he suggested a “simple phrase, like ‘margaretthatcheris110%SEXY’,” was even better.

“I fully understand how important it is. The problem is, I’m not going to do it,” Oliver concluded, speaking for the masses.

“You’re killing me,” Snowden responded.

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