Jon Stewart Explains Journalism To Rolling Stone Publisher Jann Wenner

After Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner decided no one would lose their job at the publication in the wake of a new report on the magazine’s thoroughly discredited University of Virginia rape report, Jon Stewart explained to Wenner that the report is, in fact, not punishment enough, as Wenner has suggested.

The report, from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, is “a list of things, in many circumstances, people would be punished for,” Stewart said. The report determined Rolling Stone had failed to contact any other sources on important points and ignored fact-checkers’ warnings that the alleged rape victim was the article’s only source for some details, calling it the fault of the reporter, editor, the editor’s supervisor and the fact-checking department.

“This isn’t a gaffe or a brain fart or a whoopsie daisy. This is a big deal,” Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host explained. “And you can’t just deal with it by issuing a correction. … This story is monumental f*ck-up territory.” Stewart threatened to make a “citizen’s firing” if Wenner didn’t step up.

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