WME Signs Filmmaker Eli Roth

EXCLUSIVE: In a surprise development, WME has just signed Eli Roth, best known for his prolific output of genre fare. Roth directed the 2002 pic Cabin Fever, launched the Hostel series, produced The Last Exorcist and The Man With The Iron Fists, directed The Green Inferno (a distributor is getting close after a fall 2014 release fell through when Worldview collapsed and bailed on its P&A pledge), and most recently helmed the sexy thriller Knock Knock, which stars Keanu Reeves and was bought by Lionsgate following its Sundance premiere. He also starred in the ensemble of the Quentin Tarantino-directed Inglourious Basterds as baseball bat wielding Sgt. Donnie Donowitz, and he is exec producer of Hemlock Grove, the Netflix series that is going into its third season. Roth, whose movies routinely cost little and make lots of money (the $1.5 million budget Cabin Fever grossed $30.5 million worldwide and the $5 million Hostel grossed $80 million worldwide), has spent pretty much his entire career at CAA. These things happen for all sorts of reasons and what I’m hearing is Roth simply felt he needed a change.

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