‘Burying The Ex’ Trailer: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do In Joe Dante’s Zombie Romcom

Joe Dante’s Burying The Ex debuted at the Venice Film Festival in September and was acquired by Image Entertainment in February (see trailer above). From the director of Gremlins, Ex stars Anton Yelchin as Max, a nice guy/horror buff whose relationship with Evelyn (Twilight‘s Ashley Greene) nosedives after they move in together. Max plans a breakup date, but it never happens as Evelyn is fatally hit by a bus. When Max meets Olivia (True Detective‘s Alexandra Daddario), she just might be his soulmate — but there’s a hitch: Evelyn has just clawed her way out of the grave and intends to “live” with Max forever.

The comedy drew a warm reception in Venice, where screenwriter Alan Trezza said he had been interested by the idea of the zombie genre “as a metaphor for a relationship that’s gone sour.” A love letter to Los Angeles and some of the town’s filmic history, the movie was entirely shot in L.A. Image is doing a limited theatrical and VOD release on June 19.

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