It’s opening day for Major League Baseball,  but Los Angeles Dodgers fans will find it hard to celebrate. There’s “no resolution that I’m aware of that’s Image (2) SportsNet-LA-logo__140312135054-275x154.jpg for post 697682imminent” to the dispute between pay TV distributors and Time Warner Cable — which owns SportsNet LA — that prevents most viewers from watching the bulk of the team’s broadcasts, Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten told CNBC today. “We have been involved in a daily basis behind the scenes” to persuade cable and satellite companies to pay a monthly fee estimated at close to $5 per subscriber. “There’s nothing the Dodgers haven’t considered. … For us to still have this many fans that are unhappy is a difficult blow for us.”

What about Forbes‘ recent estimate that the Dodgers are worth $2.4 billion, with revenues of $403 million last year — and its 25-year, $8.35 billion deal with TWC  funding “the richest payroll in baseball”? “I  never discuss dollars publicly because it’s all about winning and playing on the field,” Kasten says.