Watch ‘SNL’s Scathing Scientology Satire ‘Church Of Neurotology’

The big question about HBO’s harsh Alex Gibney-directed Scientology documentary Going Clear was whether the movie could generate a wide mainstream audience for a decidedly negative depiction of founder L. Ron Hubbard and the allegedly oppressive practices that Scientology followers are forced to endure.

Well, the resulting broadcast sure caught the zeitgeist meter of Saturday Night Live, which last night delivered this scathing satire called Church Of Neurotology. It was a send-up of a sing-along video that was shown in Going Clear, where some of the most exuberant participants praising the virtues of the church have since either been ostracized or quit Scientology and become among the church’s most vocal critics.

The video pretty much reflects exactly what is depicted in the controversial documentary.

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