Norman Reedus Of ‘Walking Dead’ Smokes Pothead Pete On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

The Saturday Night Live team must have taken a deep dive into the Nielsen ratings to find a key demographic for AMC’s massive hit The Walking Dead: potheads.

Less that a week after the zombie-survival series’ Season 5 finale drew a record 15.8 million viewers, SNL‘s “resident young person” Pete Davidson did the honors on Weekend Update on Saturday with this bit. First he’s worrying about what would happen if a real zombie apocalypse arrives, first because he may be too stoned to pick up on it. And given his glazed and bloodshot eyes, and slouched walk (and he didn’t even mention the munchies), Davidson feared he might not be welcomed too warmly in a survivors’ camp.

That’s when Walking Dead regular Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the series, shows up to shoot holes in these hazy theories. Clearly Davidson wasn’t too baked to fake his way through. He had enough left to name-check Reedus’ starring turn in the 1999 cult hit The Boondock Saints.

Check out the video clip above.

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