CNN Spoofed In ‘Graphic’ Saturday Night Live Sketch

It was Saturday Night Live‘s NBCUniversal sibling MSNBC who took the biggest hit in the cable news game this week when the quarterly ratings revealed it had hit all-time lows during Q1.

But SNL went after CNN, the MSNBC rival that saw Q1 ratings gains improve, with a skit that parodied that network’s penchant for cutting-edge graphics to help explain their news stories. (To be fair, SNL frequently bashes Fox News too; their Fox & Friends sketches are always good for a chuckle.)

Cecily Strong portrayed CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, host of “the loose collection of daytime nonsense we call CNN Newsroom.” The top story (“as it has been for the last 11 days,” Strong/Baldwin reminded us): the Germanwings plane crash, which included reportage that the co-pilot was furiously knocking on the cockpit door (depicted by a bad CGI fist doing same) when he was locked out by co-pilot after using the bathroom (cut to another CGI graphic).

The bathroom gag was tied for the best part of the sketch – neck and neck with the tease to video of Hillary Clinton deleting her emails, cutting to a cat in a frighteningly accurate wig in front of a computer.

Check it out. Maybe they’ll do an MSNBC skit next, or maybe they’re afraid ratings are so low there no one would get the joke.

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