David Letterman Gets Advice On Next Career Move From Sen. Al Franken

David Letterman sought advice from Sen. Al Franken tonight in re his concern about his home state’s controversial “religious freedom” law, which has been blasted by many as an invitation for businesses to discriminate against LGBT people using religion as a cover.

“I love Indiana and will probably be buried in Indiana,” Letterman said. “And I know I’ve embarrassed the state many many times.”


“And the entire country,” Franken added, helpfully.

“What I want to know: What can I do now to make the governor feel uncomfortable?” Letterman said, of Gov. Mike Pence.

“As a matter of fact, there’s an open seat there. The incumbent Sen. Dan Coats, says he’s not running next year,” Franken began. Wild applause from Letterman’s audience. Letterman announced in April, during a taping of Late Show, that he’s stepping down; his last broadcast will be this May; he’s turning the desk over to Stephen Colbert.

“Look, when people come to me, young people say, ‘How do you become a United State Senator?’ I say, ‘Do about 35-40 years of comedy and then run for the Senate'” Franken said. “And it’s worked every time. So, I think you should run.”


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