Sound Editors Elect New Directors, Set Board

The trade association Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) yesterday announced the results of its annual Board of Directors election. Elected to two-year terms in Executive Seats are Jeremy J. Gordon as Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul Rodriguez as Treasurer and Mark Lanza as Vice President. They join continuing officers Frank Morrone (President) and Christopher Reeves (Secretary). Lanza and Rodriguez were incumbents.

Additionally, ten others were elected or re-elected to board seats: Ben Wilkins (incumbent) and James Barth. Elected to Television Board Seats are Eileen Horta and Glen Megregian. Elected to a Game Cinematic Board Seat is Adam Boyd. Elected to a Film Music Board Seat is Steven Saltzman (incumbent). Elected to Out of Area Board seats are Kevin Howard (incumbent), Skye Lewin (incumbent), Michael Orlowski and Ahmad (Maddy) Shirazi.

MPSE President Frank Morrone says the group plans to grow its membership and increase recognition for sound editors, particularly those working in media other than traditional film and television production. It expects to increase its popular series of sound shows, beginning with an event at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas featuring the sound editorial team from Fifty Shades of Grey. MPSE also expects to boost its educational programs and student outreach.

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