Barbara Walters Back For ID Series; Science & Discovery Life Set Slates – Upfronts

Investigation Discovery was among the Discovery Communications networks to unveil their new and returning slates for the 2015-16 upfront season. The network is adding seven new series including a trio with big names: Barbara Walters is hosting American Scandal, revealing never-before-heard details and personal insight from her most notorious interviews; Death By Gossip is produced and hosted by Wendy Williams and showcases the dark side of rumors where dishing the dirt has a deadly outcome;. and Joel Schumacher is executive producing Do Not Disturb, which takes a closer look at chilling cases of hotel murders.

Returning series include the Roseanne Barr-hosted Momsters: When Moms Go Bad and the previously announced Vanity Fair Confidential.

Science, coming of its most-watched quarter in the network’s history in 2015, is adding new series Geek Out Or Freak Out that is part game show and part science experiment; Short-Attention-Span Science; and Outrageous Acts Of Science spinoff Outrageous Acts Of Psych. Most important, the addictive How It’s Made and How Do They Do It return.

Discovery Life Channel is adding two more seasons of its top two series Untold Stories Of The ER beginning in fourth quarter 2015. It also unveiled the upcoming docuseries New Girl On The Block, set for an April 11 bow, the first series to profile a group of female friends in the transgender community, and Sex In Public following sex expert Jill Dictrow as she goes undercover to get unsuspecting pedestrians to dish about their private lives in public settings.

A look at the three networks’ full 2015-2016 slates:



Hosted and executive produced by talk show host and media mogul Wendy Williams, DEATH BY GOSSIP showcases crimes fueled by rumors ripe with false details and half-truths, where idle gossip has turned dark and dangerous. Offices, gyms, and nosey neighborhoods all make for great rumor mills, until dishing the dirt ends with a deadly offense.

In AMERICAN SCANDAL, television legend Barbara Walters revisits some of the most compelling stories she has covered in her career, taking viewers inside scandalous stories that captured the public’s
attention and sharing personal experiences and never before seen footage. In the six-part series, produced by ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions, new details about the crimes committed by Jean Harris, Jim Bakker, Mark David Chapman and others are revealed by those closest to them.

SERIAL THRILLER In the heart of a terrorized community, SERIAL THRILLER propels viewers into a world of damage, untimely death and mystery. The three-part original scripted series, produced by October Films, follows a cast of intriguing characters, all on a collision course with fate. The lives of investigators, victims and associates intertwine as the mystery of one of America’s most notorious serial killers unravels.

Executive produced by award-winning renowned director, Joel Schumacher, DO NOT DISTURB: HOTEL HORRORS features real life chilling cases of hotel tragedies. Viewers who check in to DO NOT DISTURB: HOTEL HORRORS will experience some of the most twisted and horrifying cases to have ever taken place in unassuming hotels and inns, across America.

From the couple who breaks religious traditions for love to the priest who has fallen for a nun, these star-crossed lovers have defied the forces trying to keep them apart. But once they’ve crossed the line, anything becomes possible.

In KILLER CONFESSIONS, murderers reveal their darkest criminal acts through their own confession. Each episode follows homicide detectives into the interrogation room as cameras record the killer’s emotions, behaviors and ultimate confession.

How well do you know your housemates? EVIL LIVES HERE tells the heart-stopping tales of people who have shared a home, with a killer. In each episode, loved ones reveal how they came to discover their significant other’s evil side.


Each one-hour long episode of VANITY FAIR CONFIDENTIAL features a great mystery from the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. Offering unprecedented access to the magazine’s writers and editors, the series takes viewers to the heart of some of the most controversial dramas in history – dramas centered at the cross section of power, wealth and celebrity. The series is produced in conjunction with Conde Nast Entertainment and True Entertainment.

A murder will change the life of a victim, their families, and the convicted killer… but what about the investigator? Lt. Joe Kenda, a veteran of Colorado’s homicide investigation unit with one of the highest case closure rates in the country, reveals chilling memories of murders that still haunt him. A CRIME TO REMEMBER Set against the backdrop of Studebakers, fedoras, and three-martini lunches, these stories of truly mad men and women reveal complicated relationships where thwarted dreams and repressed passions led to terrible crimes in the ’50s and ’60s.

Profiling fascinating true stories and featuring gripping interviews conducted by journalist Paula Zahn, ON THE CASE unravels shocking investigations that have dominated headlines, and intriguing original stories uncovered exclusively for ID’s audience.

Crime investigation, as any homicide detective will testify, is all about speed. Anchored by NBC’s Tamron Hall, and produced by NBC’s Peacock Productions, DEADLINE: CRIME goes beyond the headlines to explore not only what happened, but why it happened, and how it was investigated.

With the help of TV’s beloved loud-mouth mom and infamous comedienne, Roseanne Barr, MOMSTERS: WHEN MOMS GO BAD uncovers a bizarre world where mothers will do anything for their children’s happiness.

SURVIVING EVIL SURVIVING EVIL presents real-life stories of victims who fought back against their attackers and, against all odds, survived. Hosted by Charisma Carpenter, SURVIVING EVIL offers an empowering and inspiring look at true-crime stories in which the victim turns the table on their assailant in order to stay alive.

From monsters hiding in the closet to the boogeyman lurking in nearby shadows, evil can interrupt even the sweetest of dreams. But what happens when a bad dream is actually a waking nightmare? YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE brings real thriller crimes to life on ID.

Beyond the boundaries of ordinary life, there is another world that lies just outside of town, where places have no names. MURDER COMES TO TOWN reveals what can happen in these solitary and desolate places. Gripping tales of betrayal and murder unfold as told by friends, family, and neighbors of the deceased.

As America’s last true frontier, Alaska is an ideal destination for people wanting to experience the intrinsic beauty of isolated nature – but its wilderness also provides the perfect setting for keeping secrets. ICE COLD KILLERS explores crimes committed in the harshest of climates against a backdrop of rugged wilderness as unforgiving as the murders themselves.

Channeling sibling rivalries and deadly childhood pacts, EVIL TWINS follows true-crime mysteries surrounding cases of these double-duty archetypes. Each episode reveals a pair of sinister siblings: twins who tag team to kill together, twins who turn on each other, and even the good twin versus the evil one.

WEB OF LIES unravels tragic stories of deception and manipulation triggered by online interactions. From predators lurking behind their Facebook profiles to creeps scouring chat rooms for their next victim, WEB OF LIES is back with even more jaw-dropping, cautionary tales of deception, seduction, and violence.

Deep within the dusty drawers and cabinets of every police station is a library of binders containing detailed information about unsolved murders. Each contains the spirit of their victim waiting for the day that someone will finally catch their killer, this is their MURDER BOOK.

WIVES WITH KNIVES features women who stabbed their significant others…sometimes with deadly consequences. Host Dr. Casey Jordan, a criminologist and behavioral analyst with a law degree, sits down with each wife to reveal what events or motivations led them to slice and dice. A STRANGER IN MY HOMEA STRANGER IN MY HOME is the perfect blend of mystery and suspense, telling stories of what happens when strangers come together under one roof and begin new relationships. You might think you can trust this new acquaintance, but looks can be deceiving.

Investigation Discovery shines a light on some UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, showing that even the nicest neighbor can have a sinister side. UNUSUAL SUSPECTS profiles those you would least expect to be capable of committing such dark deeds.

When desire overtakes reason, the human mind can unleash deadly obsession. In OBSESSION: DARK DESIRES, women share their emotional stories of survival against obsessive stalkers who would do anything to satisfy their all-consuming infatuation.

DEADLY WOMEN takes viewers on a journey into the bizarre world of women who kill for thrills. Featuring Candice DeLong, a former FBI agent and criminal profiler, this series explores the psyche of female killers, showing what turns love affairs into fatal attractions or how twisted minds and dark secrets can send women on lethal rampages.

When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly and even deadly. What was once a passionate union becomes spite, greed, backstabbing, and betrayal. FATAL VOWS explores tumultuous, shocking, and high-stake divorces and the deadly murders linked to them.

20/20 ON ID
Host John Quinones and the correspondents of ABC News’ acclaimed show 20/20 dig beneath the headlines to reveal human stories of victims, their families, and the search for truth and justice.

Hosted by Maureen Maher, 48 HOURS ON ID features in-depth investigations that explore murder, gambling and jealousy with an unique approach that covers cases from multiple angles with dramatic results.

Go behind the headlines with host Lester Holt to investigate, with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style, baffling crimes and compelling real-life dramas.



Premieres 4Q15
This original series from Science Channel profiles the real stories of near misses, close calls, unexpected encounters, and dangerous discoveries in the history of human space exploration. Each hour-long episode of SECRET SPACE DISASTERS will explore little-known stories of dangerous discoveries during mankind¹s most perilous space travel missions, using a mixture of first person interviews, CGI graphics, and archival footage. Astronauts and mission control frantically work to identify and fix problems, and fight to survive the dangers of space.

Premieres Early 2016
Introducing SHORT-ATTENTION-SPAN SCIENCE, the new unabashedly proud series that answers science’s most curious questions–in 163 seconds (or less). Why 163 seconds? Well, studies indicate humans now have shorter attention spans and the average length of a video on the internet is exactly 163 seconds, so it seems the perfect length to unravel the mysteries of String Theory or explain why we have an appendix. Every episode will be a wild ride through the halls of science and information. We’ve taken the irreverent and endlessly sharable spirit of the internet and given it amazing footage and fancy graphics. It’s fun. It’s clever. It’s beautiful. It’s mind-blowing. Every episode is like a perfectly curated late-night web search. We’ve just saved you the trouble of clicking. Because who has time for that?

Premieres Early 2016
Part game show, part science experiment, part amusement park, GEEK OUT OR FREAK OUT is a new kind of science show. We’re putting the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology on display in a BIG way and having a whole a lot of fun in the process. Shot in front of an awestruck audience and hosted by our resident mad scientist, every episode will include unexpected chemical reactions, bizarre feats of physics, outrageous human stunts, and even some stuff launched into space. Along the way, we’ll put members of the audience to the test and give them the chance to win incredible Geek Out Prizes (a personal tour of Space X anyone?). But, on GOFO we don’t do anything without spectacle, and that’s where the “Freak Out” part comes in. Contestants could find themselves in any number of ridiculous and sometimes terrifying contraptions. If you know you’re stuff, you’ll walk away with a prize. If you don’t, you’ll get tossed, dropped, or dunked. All in the name of science, of course.

Premieres Early 2016
Meet Justin Gray and his company Graywrx. If you’ve got a problem, Justin and his team of badass engineers, mad scientists, and tech gurus can solve it. From Twitter to Hollywood studios to a local marijuana farmer, clients come to Graywrx when the solution they need doesn’t exist yet. Each episode of MACHINE MEN will follow Justin and company as they design, build, and test those solutions. As new clients come in with practical issues, you’ll get an inside look into a different world, and the science required to solve the problem.

Premieres 2016
This gripping series tells the tense and dramatic stories of international and corporate spies who risked it all as they stole scientific secrets, carried out daring acts of sabotage and led double lives. Each of these true stories will have technology and science at its heart – whether through the secrets the spies are trying to steal, the techniques and gadgets they use to carry out their espionage, or the way they were caught. Produced in an immersive and highly cinematic style, each film follows the dramatic narrative of one spy operating behind enemy lines, in a high stakes game with their liberty and often their lives on the line. Using a combination of powerful interview and stylish drama recon, each episode will play out like a classic spy thriller. Tightly plotted narratives will follow compelling real-life stories that could be taken straight from a classic spy novel.


SEASON 13 Premieres 4Q15
HOW IT’S MADE is the addictive assembly-line series that returns to give viewers an exclusive look at how their favorite items are manufactured. The series visits factories where raw materials transform into finalized products in the scope of a 30-minute episode.

Premieres 4Q15
In four all-new episodes, SURVIVORMAN features Les Stroud as he embarks on five- to seven-day journeys into the wilderness, relying on his years of training, raw instincts and sheer will to survive. And if that weren’t enough, he refuses to bring along a film crew, preferring instead to maintain an authentic survival situation and film the journey himself, dragging 65 pounds of camera gear every inch of the way. But this season, one episode will feature a very special guest.

SURVIVORMAN: LEGENDS will feature Les Stroud recreating some of history’s most amazingand hair-raising survival stories. Possible features include: Chris McCandless’s journey “Into the Wild,” the Donner party’s fateful journey, “Alive” – the story of the plane crash in the Andes, and Aaron Ralston’s fateful “127 hours.”

SEASON 2 Premieres 4Q15
America’s do-it-yourselfers, innovators and entrepreneurs are once again getting the chance to turn their big ideas into big money. ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS returns for its second season, giving four teams of amateur makers the opportunity to pitch their products to a panel and win the chance of a lifetime – an opportunity to take their product to market. With master makers Brook Drumm and Brian Roe and investor Marc Portney, each product undergoes a series of tests, focus groups, re-tooling and tinkering to see if the maker’s vision can match consumer demand. Portney invests his own money and may choose to invest in all of the makers – or none of them. If an offer is extended and a deal can be reached, a true investment will be made to get their product into stores.

SEASON 14 Premieres Mid-2016 (13×30)
Have you ever wondered how things are made? From adhesive bandages to contact lenses, find out how everyday objects and sophisticated technology are manufactured.

SEASON 4 Premieres Early 2016
What if the time we spent playing YouTube videos also exposed us to first-hand demonstrations of some of science’s fundamental principles? Science Channel proves that you can have your viral videos and your lab lessons too with the return of OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE, Season 4. Each episode uses popular web videos to test the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. From death-defying dives from the sky, to epic explosions that rock the desert, to full-sized cars performing perfect backflips, no experiment is too extreme.

SEASON 14 Premieres Mid- 2016
While we may be fascinated about the objects that surround our everyday, we rarely consider how they get here. In one of Science Channel’s signature series HOW DO THEY DO IT? takes a behind-the-scenes look at the journey your luggage makes before it goes on the plane or the path of a letter before it arrives at its destination. Follow the complex passages of our creature comforts that we often take for granted in this highly addictive series.


Premieres Thanksgiving Night
Kings of sci-jinks, Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds, are kicking off the holiday season with a bang… probably several actually. Taking their cues from the web’s most spectacular seasonal fails, the boys are going to give the neighborhood a holiday bash they’ll never forget. Turkey-based artillery? Rocket powered sleds? Enough electricity to power a city block? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?



SEX IN PUBLIC In a provocative mix between “What Would You Do” and “Taxicab Confessions,” host Jill Dictrow, who has a master’s in psychology with a specialty in sex and intimacy, goes undercover in the most unsuspecting places in an attempt to get real people to open up about the good, the bad and the ugly in their private lives. SEX IN PUBLIC is a new series that is more than just talking dirty; it is about helping people who are too shy, nervous, busy, or scared to actually go into a therapist’s office, ultimately helping unassuming pedestrians with some much needed sex and relationship help.

AN HOUR TO SAVE YOUR LIFE explores the life or death decisions facing doctors in the first critical hour of emergency care. With fixed-rig cameras and 360-degree access to the specialists’ perspectives both at the scene and in the hospital, this observational series gives a unique insight into the dilemmas and innovations of emergency care where this is no such thing as routine procedure. Minute by minute, this series tracks the decisions made by paramedics, ambulance staff and doctors at the scene of different medical procedures, as patients pass through to the surgeons and specialists in the adrenaline-fueled
Emergency Room.

Freak accidents, the wrath of Mother Nature or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can create life-changing events at a moment’s notice. IN AN INSTANT captures first-person accounts as they relive their harrowing tales of survival from bridges collapsing during rush hour traffic to near-death animal attacks and planes going down in remote Alaska.

Accidents occur without warning, but what if it was your own doing that put yourself into a deadly situation? THE DAY I ALMOST DIED is a series that combines astounding first-person accounts with stunning dramatic recreations and real life footage to reveal that anyone, at any time, can fall victim to a fatal self-inflicted injury. From falling off a boat only to be sucked under the motor, to shooting a nail gun through your heart, or getting nearly crushed by a big rig, each episode features three harrowing stories of people who almost accidentally killed themselves.

In this compelling dramatic series, VEGAS 911 recounts untold stories from the case files of one of the busiest and most unique ERs in America: University Medical Centre (UMC) in Las Vegas. From the 911 call to the first responders to ER personnel and the victims themselves, this series tells a 360-degree perspective of all walks of life in the ER. From mystery illnesses, infections and poisonings, to major trauma events or bizarre only-in-Vegas events caused by bites, sex acts, or gambling, the stories profiled are as diverse and unique as Vegas itself. Either way, UMC’s ER has a saying: “what happens in Vegas, ends up here.”

Munchausen syndrome is a disorder that compels individuals to fake an illness, inflict harm on their own body or make themselves sick all in the pursuit of attention from doctors, family, or friends. FAKING IT is an intervention show presented by loved ones that follows people who are faking a series illness or condition, and choose to live a life of perceived suffering. These people risk their well-being, take on unnecessary debt and undergo unnecessary treatment and surgeries – doing anything to satisfy their desire for medical or personal attention. With the guidance of an expert and the help of their families, they are confronted with an unexpected and life-saving intervention.

SHOCK TRAUMA is an unscripted docudrama telling the parallel stories of the doctors, nurses and the patients at the world-renowned R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. With a 97% survival rate and treating more than 8,000 patients annually, compared to the typical 3,000 per year, it is the best trauma center in the country. Only the most critically injured patients facing death in Maryland are transported here, and even the White House has a direct line to them if services are needed. Whether it’s a bridge collapse, gang shooting, or massive over-turned tracker trailer accident, the SHOCK TRAUMA Center is always ready and in position to save lives.


HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO YOUR WIFE is a light hearted, brutally honest and self-deprecating examination of one suburban dad’s ineptitude in bed and his hilarious – and sometimes humiliating –attempts to turn himself into a world-class lover and finally please his wife.

With unprecedented access to stories of addiction and recovery, THE MEETING deploys an innovative and provocative visual approach as it follows four incredible, universal stories shared first-hand from the perspective of long recovery. Whether a viewer is personally dealing with an addiction or has an addict or recovered addict in their personal or professional lives, THE MEETING shares invaluable tools to navigate the everyday and live our lives more fully in the moment. Crucially, while this special offers viewers a groundbreaking glimpse into the often secretive world of recovery, the people sharing their stories remain anonymous in a visually compelling manner.

This heart-wrenching documentary joins ordinary couple Karl and Vikki Smith on their extraordinary quest to save the life of their 3-year-old son Aidan and solve the baffling mystery of his rare illness. With Aidan’s condition disfiguring, potentially life-threatening and unlike anything seen before in the U.K., the Smith family must embark on a rocky medical road while persevering to secure a definitive clinical diagnosis that will improve their son’s life forever. Their remarkable journey takes Aidan through a series of critical surgeries and to a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the world experts in Boston to help diagnose Aiden with Cloves Syndrome, a 1-in-100 million disease.


In one of the most successful franchises on television, Discovery Life Channel pulls back the curtain to expose more outrageous medical situations when UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER returns for two new seasons in the next year. In an environment where everything can change as quickly as the rip of a Band-Aid, prepare to witness the true, dramatic nature of medicine practiced under pressure – where nothing about the situation is routine and doctors have mere seconds to answer life-or-death questions. Each hour-long episode of UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER features emergency physicians revisiting the cases they weren’t exactly taught in med school, and highlights how a doctor’s personal blend of expertise, coolness under fire, and decision-making ability are challenged by unpredictable circumstances.

HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE takes an inside look at extreme hoarders and the psychology behind their compulsion to accumulate and store large quantities of nonessential things. Each episode tells the stories of hoarders struggling with behavior that has made daily existence unbearable for them and their loved ones. With the help of expert therapists and organizers, the hoarders will attempt to unlock the key to their obsessions in hope of reclaiming their lives.

In an annual exploration of sex in America, Discovery Life Channel encores provocative programming from its complete library of content for the SEXTEMBER programming stunt. Offering a sneak peek behind bedrooms doors to explore unconventional relationships, bizarre practices and mysterious sexual health conditions, Discovery Life offers programming centered on unveiling common sexual dysfunctions, dishing out sex advice, revealing sexual health issues and enlightening sex subcultures.

Each year, Discovery Life Channel opens a meaningful dialogue on mental health with PSYCH WEEK, a weeklong programming event running every May for Mental Health Awareness Month. With programming airing nightly, PSYCH WEEK profiles individuals dealing with a spectrum of afflictions and addictions in order to help end the stigma surrounding mental health, from agoraphobia, sexsomnia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, hoarding, OCD, multiple-personality disorder, and more.

In an annual celebration of nurses for National Nurses Week beginning on May 6, Discovery Life Channel is proud to bring viewers programming full of the most memorable moments featuring the brave and unflappable men and women in scrubs. Highlighting the most action-packed, life-altering, or just downright unforgettable nursing moments ever caught on tape, the programming proves that nurses have seen it all! Each year, Discovery Life Channel partners with various nurse organizations to help honor every day nurses with a special treat or experience to thank them.

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