Jon Stewart Sends Jason Jones On His Way To TBS

Jon Stewart last night celebrated Jason JonesThe Daily Show career on the longtime correspondent’s final night with the Comedy Central late-night show. “The one thing that was always — nothing makes my job easier than knowing there is someone there who I can always go to, and always count on, and who’s going to deliver the funny, the smart, the everything,” Stewart said. “You were always that dude. I thank you very much.” (Watch the video above.)

Last month, TBS announced it has picked up Jones’ half-hour pilot. Then, earlier this month, TBS announced it had signed Jones’ wife, longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee, to host a new comedy show, “cementing its relationship with the prolific couple even further.” The new show, which is in the early stages of development, is planned as a platform for Bee “to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues,” TBS said. But did not specify whether the show would air in primetime or, more likely, in late-night. In addition to hosting, Bee will executive produce the show, with Jones.

Those announcements wiped Jones and Bee’s name off the lists of possible Stewart replacements. He’s announced his intention to step down as host some time this year.

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