Mark Addy Joins CBS Comedy Pilot ‘Super Clyde’ From Greg Garcia

Still Standing star Mark Addy is returning to CBS with a co-starring role opposite The Middle‘s Charlie McDermott in Greg Garcia’s comedy pilot Super Clyde. 

The single-camera project, from CBS TV Studios, centers on Clyde (McDermott), a meek, unassuming, comic book-obsessive fast-food worker who finds his calling. When Clyde gets a really unexpected windfall — the inheritance from his long-dead eccentric Uncle Bill — he decides that his money will be his secret super power, used only for good. Addy will play Clyde’s sidekick, the fastidious, precise, careful and far-thinking Randolph. After assisting Clyde’s Uncle Bill in all his secret charitable endeavors during his employment as a butler, he soon becomes Clyde’s only confidante, the Alfred to Clyde’s Bruce Wayne, his assistant in doing good while staying under the radar.

Super Clyde has been a passion project for Garcia who first piloted it for CBS in 2013 with Rupert Grint as Clyde and Stephen Fry as Rudolph.

British actor Addy made his U.S. TV debut as the male lead opposite Jami Gertz on the CBS sitcom Still Standing, which ran for four seasons. He has since done several drama stints, on HBO’s Game of Thrones, BBC’s The Syndicate, which was remade by ABC as Lucky 7 and BBC’s Atlantis.

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