CNN Reporter Blocked From ‘Killing Jesus’ Premiere After Bill O’Reilly Coverage

National Geographic Channel has declined a credential request to cover the Killing Jesus premiere made by Killing Jesusa CNN reporter who has been covering the kerfuffle over Bill O’Reilly’s reporting claims. This even as O’Reilly prepares to make his first TV appearance outside of Fox News itself since the allegations first surfaced. O’Reilly will appear Tuesday on David Letterman’s show to tout the NatGeo adaptation of his best-selling book.

CNN’s Tom Kludt says FNC’s cable cousin National Geographic Channel has ixnayed his credential to cover the Killing Jesus premiere; Kludt has reported extensively on the O’Reilly controversy for CNN and published the audiotape that seems to contradict O’Reilly’s claim of being at the house where Lee Harvey Oswald pal George de Mohrenschildt was staying at the moment he committed suicide.

Fox News Channel referred us to NatGeo, saying it was not involved in the premiere; NatGeo says it was a simple case of supply and demand: “As we were finalizing the carpet list, we realized that our red carpet was overflowing” (see photo above).

“CNN had numerous requests for credentials, and we needed to limit it to one crew,” NatGeo continued. “So we decided to decline a reporter who by his own admission doesn’t cover red carpets. But we would like to thank Tom for bringing all this extra attention to our premiere tonight for Killing Jesus.”

“Horseradish,” said Kludt —  or words to that effect — again, on Twitter:

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