Christopher Plummer On Julie Andrews During ‘Sound Of Music’: “We Should Have Ended Up Together”

Here’s some early snippets from ABC’s 20/20 special tonight The Untold Story of The Sound of Music airing at 10 PM ET. ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer goes behind the scenes of the classic movie, exploring why it still resonates 50 years later. She even takes the film’s lead actress Julie Andrews with her throughout Austria for a tour of famed Sound of Music landmarks, including the house where Maria Von Trapp lived —  a place Andrews never visited. In the clip above, Andrews and actor Christopher Plummer reveal that they could have been lovers during the shoot, but weren’t. In addition, Plummer eloquently plays the film’s title track on the piano below. When Sound of Music premiered, the United States was facing the Vietnam War and the bloodshed in Selma. However, audiences en masse were drawn to the film’s affirmation of hope and possibility, shelling out $158.7M at the domestic box office.

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