Ryan Seacrest Productions Developing ‘Babushka’ Game Show With TF1, Armoza

Ryan Seacrest Productions is partnering with Israel’s Armoza Formats and France’s TF1 on primetime studio game show Babushka. The producers plan to launch the show next month at MIPTV in Cannes.

In Babushka, contestants are presented with 10 giant Russian “babushka” dolls and must open 8 of them for the chance to win up to $500,000. If the babushka is empty they lose whatever money they have accumulated to that point, but if there is a smaller doll inside they continue to win.

“We’re looking forward to working with Armoza and TF1 on ‘Babushka’ – the combination of such an engaging and emotional game show and the fresh take of bringing contestants along for the whole ride struck us from the first moment and led us to choose it as the first format we have taken on as an international partnership. This really is the next generation of TV programming”, said Eugene Young, President, Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Philippe Balland, Deputy Director, TF1 & President, TF1 Production,added, “We are very happy to be continuing our collaboration with Armoza and to be partnering with Ryan Seacrest Productions on this incredible format and are proud to have developed a gameshow as thrilling as this one. ‘Babushka’ takes you on an exhilarating ride and where you never know what will happen next.”

“‘Babushka’ is a very special format that brings back the real thrill of game shows without any of the safety nets. The game show combines knowledge, luck and strategy in a fun way where you never know what is going to happen next. We’re thrilled to be collaborating for the first time with Ryan Seacrest Productions on this exciting project, and to be continuing our strong relationship with TF1 Group,” said Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats.

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