‘Zoolander 2’ Coming To Catwalk February 12, 2016

Paramount Pictures used Paris Fashion Week as the occasion to set Zoolander 2 for a February 12, 2016 release date. They even had rival supermodels Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) shaking their moneymakers during the Valentino Women’s Collection Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Show.

We told you last November that Penelope Cruz was signing on to be the female lead in a sequel that puts Stiller back behind the camera again, with a Justin Theroux script. I’d heard then that Will Ferrell was discussing a return as the sinister Mugatu. Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld are producing for Red Hour.

The original Zoolander was an irresistibly silly film, anchored by Stiller’s total commitment to his empty-headed mugging buffoon supermodel. There were some hilarious moments in the original, from Blue Steel to the catwalk showdown between Zoolander and Hansel, to the freak gasoline fight accident that was one of the funniest movie comedy moments in recent years. Will his 87-year-old dad Jerry Stiller reprise as his weak-willed modeling agent Maury Ballstein?

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