Conan Reports For CNN In Cuba

Conan O’Brien reported on the scene in Central Havana from a romantic rooftop, during his much-ballyhooed trip to Cuba, which debuted last night as a special edition of his TBS late-night show, coincidentally called Conan In Cuba

“I am realizing Anderson Cooper has a very easy job,” Conan says as heimagines how CNN would report, from the rooftop, on barking dogs and two men engaged in something he described as Rooftop Competitive Dove Throwing in which birds are tossed into the air, fly a few feet, and then land somewhere on a roof.  Scoring was unclear. When that game ends,  Conan is left reporting solely on the barking of the dog.

“It sounds like a smaller dog. Eventually it may grow in to a larger dog,” Conan continues to report,  as the CNN logo and: “Breaking News: Dog Barks Again” flashes across the bottom of the screen. “I think what we’ve pretty much proven here is I could pretty much fill six hours a night on CNN.”

Conan’s the first late night TV host to visit Cuba since Jack Paar famously interviewed Fidel Castro for NBC’s Tonight show in 1959, for which Paar got criticized in some circles.

O’Brien and a small crew flew to Havana over the Presidents Day weekend to film for his TBS late-night show, becoming the first American late-night show to film in Cuba since the U.S. embargo began in 1962. Conan told Jon Stewart he made the trip quickly after President Obama announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba, to make sure he beat ABC’s The View.

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