Worldview Entertainment Shutters New York Office

EXCLUSIVE: Worldview Entertainment, one of the investors behind four-time Oscar winner Birdman, has closed its offices in New York and has moved to New Jersey. Despite rumors that the company has disbanded its operations, a company spokeswoman said it’s not true. They are said to have six projects still within the company’s coffers, but dealmakers in town who have been in business with them “have written them off already” as a going concern. One person close to the situation said that is not the case and noted, “the office was just an expensive distraction.” So the company is now working out of an office in New Jersey, which they called “right-sized.”

Patrick Thompson, exec VP of Worldview Entertainment, said the company is still in operation: “We have tens of millions of dollars in investor capital deployed in a robust pipeline of films coming out over the next few years, he said in a statement. However, there have been no investments going forward that Deadline can find or Worldview can tell us about.

The move out of New York for Worldview comes after the company went through two top execs, including former CEO Christopher Woodrow — who was fired and subsequently sued by the company as well as president Clifford Werber who came and left, too. Woodrow has also counter-sued. Hoyt David Morgan (a prior investor and former Worldview CFO) also sued the company last year. The company is mired in litigation.

Molly Conners is currently acting as CEO and at the time that their former CEO left the company last December, they said they would focus primarily on fulfilling prior business dealings. But that has not happened either.

Worldview financed only one of what was supposed to be four Weinstein Co. films in a five-year deal and the are no other films in the works with the Weinstein company. The one picture that has come out of it — Justin Chadwick’s period drama Tulip Fever, which stars Christoph Waltz, Dane DeHaan and Alicia Vikander — has no release date as of yet.
Also, the Eli Roth directed Green Inferno is  in limbo right now; it was supposed to be released through Open Road with Worldview providing prints and advertising costs but that got caught up in a legal quagmire. Thompson would not address the unfulfilled Weinstein Company deal or any other legal issues, including those involving prints and advertising for Green Inferno.
Other Worldview financed projects include the crime-drama heist film Triple Nine with Kate Winslet, Strangerland which stars Nicole Kidman, and Manglehorn starring Al Pacino and Holly Hunter; it was picked up by IFC and is expected to be released on June 19. Worldview also invested in the Untitled Warren Beatty Howard Hughes’ project.

Open Road is set to release Triple Nine on September 11 and the distributor is providing prints (distribution) and advertising costs. Meanwhile, Strangerland which stars Kidman, Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving will bow sometime in the summer from Alchemy who acquired it in January at Sundance. Alchemy will shoulder prints (distribution) and advertising costs.

According to Thompson: “Our foremost responsibility is to our investors, and we are laser focused on working with our partners to ensure the success of these films and maximize their returns. We are very proud to have successfully right-sized the company and turned the page on a chapter that was marked by distraction and excess. Stay tuned.”

We will be.



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