James Bond Parody Film Shut Down by MGM, Gets Reinstated – Update

By Anita Busch, Dominic Patten

UPDATE, March 23, 2:08 PM: After a review of the James Bond bootleg from producer Adi Shankar, Google/YouTube removed the copyright strike against him and is allowing the parody directed by Tyler Gibb to stand. The video is back up. According to a source with knowledge of the events, after it was successful in removing James Bond: In Service Of Nothing, MGM began demanding a number of other videos be taken down from YouTube. MGM had no comment.

YouTube doesn’t mediate copyright disputes, but if a rightsholder notifies them that a video infringes their copyright, it is removed. It then goes through a counter-notification process. In this case, the producer of the video prevailed and the video was reinstated, roughly two weeks after it was taken down. It looks like the Bond artwork that was used originally (shown here) was removed from the original presentation.

UPDATE, March 3, 11:52 AM: Producer Adi Shankar will not re-post his James Bond fan film online after MGM shut it down on YouTube over copyright complaints. The producer behind the Power Rangers fan film just issued the following statement on the matter: “I have the utmost respect for MGM and the iconic character of James Bond, and although I believe my video is clearly a parody of James Bond, I will refrain from reposting it online out of respect.” The Bond parody showed the Bond character reliving his glory days in a flashback and used the likeness of the most famous of the Bonds, Sean Connery. It also used art work of the younger Connery as Bond. The video played for less than 12 hours.

Google owned YouTube had no comment on the video being taken down. However that doesn’t mean the matter is closed by any means. In matters like this, YouTube allows the uploader to dispute the infringement claim through his or her account which will temporarily release the block. The copyright claimant will then have 30 days to review the dispute and choose to either uphold or release their claim – all of which means this Bond ball ends up again in MGM’s court. MGM would not comment on the matter.

PREVIOUS, 11:04 AM: For the second time in less than two weeks, producer Adi Shankar has had another one of his bootleg videos shut down, this time by MGM. James Bond: In Service Of Nothing, a 10-minute parody, was posted on YouTube for less than 12 hours before lawyers for MGM notified YouTube that the film was in violation of its Bond copyright. It’s not yet clear if the issue is the artwork that was used with it or the video itself.

Last week, Saban Entertainment also cried foul on copyright issues for the Power Rangers bootleg from director Joseph Kahn and produced by Shankar. With threats of legal action going back and forth between Saban and Shankar, an agreement was ironed out that allowed the fan film, Power/Rangers, to go back online with a disclaimer it had nothing to do with Saban and was for older audiences.

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