Sex Sells On We TV

Sex Box, the show that has the Parents Television Council’s undies in a bunch these days, clocked just 378,000 viewers in its unveiling Friday night on We TV– a mere 18% more viewers than the network had averaged this calendar year to date in its 10 PM time slot with wedding-planning reality series David Tutera’s CELEBrations.

Guess who was most interested in Sex Box? If you guessed “older viewers” — you win! Of those 378,000 viewers, 232,000 were aged 25-54, a 23% increase compared to the time slot’s year-to-date average of 188,000. But, the network actually took a hit with women 25-54 — down 5% compared to the time slot’s average this year. Which means that the increase was owing to — guys in the age bracket.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Didn’t think so.

Meanwhile, a smaller crowd of 131,000 Sex Box viewers fell into the coveted 18-34 demographic. On the bright side, those 131,000 viewers represents a jump of 41% compared to the time slot’s calendar-to-date average of a measly 93K. And, most of those additional 18-34 year olds were female. About 87,000 female, to 44,000 guys. The female 18-34 crowd grew 12%, in marked contrast to the hit the show delivered the network with those 25-54 females — and also a 6% hit with 18-49 females.

And, in conclusion, what we appear to be seeing here is that women are more interested in sex at a younger age and less so when they get older, whereas interest among men only grows with age.

Another show of hands if you’re surprised.

Didn’t think so.

In August, We TV said it had picked up the project to series with nine episodes. It’s based on the British reality series about couples whose relationships are on the rocks. Participants are selected based on their belief that the best way to heal a broken relationship is to have sex on a stage in a box, while millions of viewers (We TV hopes) mull what they’re missing because, we’re sorry to report, the box is opaque and, unlike your apartment building, soundproof.

Each week, a new troubled couple has sex in a box, which only sounds like an SNL skit. When finished, the two emerge, in an ecstasy of post-shag, hormone rage-y intimacy, to talk about their feelings, with celebrity experts.

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