Larry David On His ‘Seinfeld’ Fortune: “I Don’t Have That Kind Of Money” – Update

UPDATE MONDAY 9:22 AM: Here’s the 60 Minutes clip we were talking about over the weekend in which Larry David refutes the amount of money he made off of Seinfeld. It’s actually an outtake from the interview which wasn’t included in last night’s episode. David calls the figures that the media has reported on his worth over the years “ridiculous and absurd and unseemly.”

“I don’t have that kind of money! My wife took half of it in the divorce,” David tells Charlie Rose, “the figures are crazy.” When Rose tries to pry out of David that he made over $500M in syndication from Seinfeld, David exclaims, “That’s just nuts! No, it’s not! It’s not! And mind your own damn business!”

PREVIOUS, SATURDAY, 6:15 PM: CBS News has been teasing Charlie Rose’s 60 Minutes Sunday interview with Larry David, who is currently starring in a 15-person play on Broadway that he wrote entitled Fish In The Dark. In the clip below, Rose asks David how creating Seinfeld changed him.  “It gave me money,” says David. “Lots of money,” Rose adds quickly. While the clip ends on a note about David’s ability to approach women in a bar, on Friday’s CBS This Morning, a longer clip aired; one that isn’t available on the internet yet. In that clip, Rose needles David about the amount of money he reaped from Seinfeld in syndication. David tells Rose that the media has reported outrageous figures throughout the years in regards to his worth. “First, my wife took half of it in the divorce,” says David. Earlier this weekend in a CBS Radio interview promoting the 60 Minutes segment, Rose said, “He (David) doesn’t like to talk about how much money he made in syndication.”

Other parts of the David 60 Minutes interview include Rose taking the Curb Your Enthusiasm star and creator to his childhood home in Brooklyn, NY as reported by the New York Daily News. David couldn’t care less about the walk down memory lane.  “It doesn’t touch you?” asks Rose. “Nope completely devoid of it,” says David. “What kind of heart do you have?” asks Rose.

Rose mentioned in his CBS radio interview that David hatched the idea for Fish in the Dark after the comedian attended a wake and met someone whose father had died. Out of that conversation, came the story for Fish in the Dark which follows a father who is dying and the family who gathers around.

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