‘The Last Man On Earth’ Review: Will Forte Show Funny & Original, Says Dominic Patten

There’s more end of the world on Sunday nights with the March 1 debut of Fox’s The Last Man On Earth. Starring SNL alum Will Forte and produced by The Lego Movie team of Phil Lord & Chris Miller, the single-camera comedy is very different from The Walking Dead. And, as a big fan of the AMC blockbuster zombie apocalypse series, I mean that in a good way.

As my video review above says, the premise is all in the title as temp Phil Miller finds himself seemingly the sole survivor of a virus that decimated the world’s population. Besides being the last man on Earth, there isn’t really anything special about Phil, which is why the widely talented Forte can have so much fun as the everyman on literally a global bender – at least for a while. Alas, all good things do come to an end for Phil. After plundering America for his interior-decorating ideas, the last man on Earth becomes rather lonely. And that’s the real challenge for this genuinely funny and witty show: Can its premise last for season after season as all networks desire?

So, the last thing you do before the weekend could be to check out my review. Are you ready for The Last Man On Earth?

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