‘The Killing’ Producer Tells FCC That Net Neutrality Will Protect Competition

Veena Sud told regulators this morning that her experience with The Killing illustrates how an open Internet promotes media diversity. The AMC series almost didn’t make it to a third season until Netflix offered to help finance. “We were resurrected” and went on to tell “some of our best stories” including ones involving the death penalty, teenage homelessness and drug addiction.

She added that streaming services including Netflix and Amazon offer different points of views in series such as Orange Is The New Black and Transparent. About 20% of series on traditional TV are run by women vs. 40% on the new platforms, she says. They thrive due to “pent up demand by a public tired of the same old same old…We are seeing the free market work as Adam Smith intended.” She added that tough net neutrality rules will ensure that Internet providers don’t “tip the scales in their favor.”

She was followed by video testimony from Internet founder Sir Timothy Berners-Lee. He says the FCC’s planned net neutrality rules are “about consumer rights, free speech, and democracy.”

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