‘Parks & Rec’ Talks To Seth Meyers: Origins, Dying, Improvising With Poehler – Hot Clip

It wasn’t over for the Parks and Recreation cast after tonight’s finale with the gang gathering on Late Night With Seth Meyers to reminisce about how they became what Meyers hailed “the best cast on television. It must have been like putting The Avengers together”.

With co-creator Michael Schur jumping the last season ahead in time, some of the actors revealed the pitches they made for their characters, which never saw the light of day. “I pitched that I would have sex with Joe Manganiello” said Retta. Chris Pratt, per Schur, pitched that the audience would get to see how all the characters die, just like in the Six Feet Under finale. “When you saw April, it would be that she died of a broken heart and then you see Andy died ’cause he was left in a hot car with the windows rolled up!” said Pratt.


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