Bre Blair, Conor O’Farrell & Demetrius Grosse Cast In NBC Pilot ‘Game of Silence’

Bre Blair (Last Vegas), Conor O’Farrell (CSI) and Demetrius Grosse (Justified, ofarrellgrosseBanshee) are set to co-star opposite David Lyons in NBC’s drama pilot Game Of Silence, from Carol Mendelsohn, David Hudgins and Sony TV. Written by Hudgins based on a Turkish format and directed by Niels Arden Oplev, Game Of Silence centers on Jackson (Lyons), a rising attorney on the brink of success who could lose his perfectly crafted life when his long-lost childhood friends threaten to expose a dark secret from their violent past.

Blair, repped by Don Buchwald & Assoc. and manager Lisa DiSante-Frank, will play the female lead, Jessie, who was in love with Jackson when they were 14. When they were 19, they shared a horrific moment no one else knows about. Jessie is with Gil (Michael Raymond-James) now, but she’s stunned when she suddenly finds herself seeing Jackson again — because of their painful secret, and also because she might still have feelings for him.

O’Farrell plays Roy, the Warden at the boys prison who allowed boys to be exploited for forced labor outside the prison and also for sordid sex parties at his house. Now 65 years old and the lieutenant governor of the state, Roy is corrupt and self-serving, and about to embark on a campaign for Congress. He works closely with Terry (Grosse), who was at the boys prison camp years ago, and who now does a lot of Roy’s dirty work for him.

Grosse, repped by Greene & Assoc. and attorney Mark Temple, also has a role on the upcoming HBO drama series Westworld. O’Farrell is with SDB Partners.

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