‘House Of Cards’ Review: Dominic Patten Says Season 3 Shows Presidential Timber

He probably should be in the big house, but instead Francis Underwood is finally in the White House after spending the first two seasons of House Of Cards scheming and dealing to get there. And that’s a good thing. As my video review above says, the third season of Netflix’s groundbreaking political drama remains timelier than ever. You can see for yourself when all 13 episodes of the new season become available on Friday.

In the meantime, let me tell you that one of the best things about this cycle of HoC is how much more trouble the now-President Underwood is having. No more knocking around his friends and enemies like bowling pins. Last season’s victories that sent Kevin Spacey’s character to the White House seemingly came too easy and too forced to be dramatically compelling.

Now that he’s in the Oval Office, though, success has become much more elusive. Well, there’s that and the increasingly independent political role that now-First Lady Claire Underwood is carving out for herself, carving it sometimes right out of her husband’s political hide. Robin Wright is again fantastic as Claire and, as another one of the best things about this season, also a surprise on many levels.

So watch my review of the newest House Of Cards. Will you be binge-watching the Underwoods as they move to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Friday? Tell us what you think.

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