On Oscar Weekend, Foreign-Language Nominee ‘Wild Tales’ Has Solid Debut

Sony Classics’ Wild Tales is the last of the Oscar nominees to open in theaters ahead of the Academy Awards and only just, with the big show tonight. Despite a quiet weekend for new specialty releases amid the Oscar ceremony tonight, Wild Tales did solid business, though it will have some work to do to catch up with The Theory of Everythingwhich passed the $100 million mark in worldwide gross over the weekend. And RADiUS said the first-week VOD gross for The Last Five Years, which it released on VOD and in theaters day and date, came in at $605K.

Vampire parody pic What We Do In The Shadows opened to a robust response last weekend and carried momentum into its second weekend as did Music Box Films’ Israeli Oscar entry Gett: The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem. It was a good weekend for other Oscar holdovers, including that $100 million landmark for multiple Oscar nominee The Theory Of Everything and Birdman’s alighting near $38 million on the weekend it won the Independent Spirit Award for best picture (and remains a favorite to win the Oscar too).

Argentina’s Wild Tales opened in four theaters, becoming the fourth Best Foreign Language nominee to arrive on North America screens. The second of SPC’s Foreign-Language nominees grossed $85,131 in four New York and L.A. locations, averaging $21,283.

That certainly tops the distributor’s fellow contender, Russia’s controversial Leviathan, which opened Christmas Day in two theaters grossing $15,200, averaging $7,600. Leviathan has cumed more than $704K to date. It has held steady, now in its ninth weekend.

Nominee Idaprobably the favorite to win tonight, opened in three theaters last May, grossing $55,438 ($18,479 average). It went on to cume more than $3.7M. Cohen Media Group’s Timbuktu opened January 28, grossing $45,110 in four theaters, averaging $11,278 and has cumed $481,409 as of Sunday. Timbuktu grossed a solid $119,448 in 53 theaters this weekend on this side of the Atlantic as it swept the Césars in Paris, giving the title a $2,254 PTA. Estonia’s nominee Tangerines will open in the U.S. later this year via Samuel Goldwyn Films.

The Last Five Years, a musical about the rise and fall of a relationship and starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, has grossed $605K in the first week of its VOD release, said RADIuS, which continues to be nearly alone in releasing any information about early VOD revenues for its films.

The film is based on Jason Robert Brown’s stage musical, and by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Richard LaGravenese (The Fisher King and co-writer of Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken) who also directs. The on-demand figure is almost 6 times higher than the film’s theatrical total, which came in at $102,772 as of Sunday. Last weekend, the film opened on screens with a $45,107 gross from three theaters, averaging $15,036.

RADiUS documentary Oscar frontrunner (and Spirit Award-winner) Citizenfour played 30 theaters in its 18th weekend. The title grossed $25,608, averaging $853. It has cumed $2,661,505. Last year’s Spirit Award and Oscar-winning documentary, Twenty Feet From Stardom – also a RADiUS title – cumed just shy of $5M in theaters.

In the weekend’s biggest landmark, Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory Of Everything crossed $100M worldwide. The international weekend estimate is $2.7M in 46 territories for a total of $70M. Combined with the U.S. estimated total of $34.1M, the worldwide total is $104.1M. The film stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones is up for five Oscars this evening, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Among other Best Picture nominees, The Imitation Game grossed $2.556M in 1,815 theaters, averaging $1,815. The film, which is the highest grossing Specialty release of 2014, has cumed over $83.9M.

Birdman, which took the Independent Spirit Award for Best Picture yesterday in Santa Monica, grossed $830K from 407 runs. It averaged over $2K and has cumed over $37.733M in its 19th weekend. Whiplash grossed $569,216 in 440 theaters, averaging $1,294 for an $11,329,538 twenty week cume, and Boyhood played 53 locations in its 33rd weekend. It grossed $47,700 ($900 PTA) for a $25,295,590 total.

Wild Tales (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $85,131, Average $21,283, Cume $89,986 (includes Academy Run gross)

Gett: The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem (Music Box Films) Week 2 [3 Theaters] Weekend $27K Average $9K, Cume $68,107
What We Do In The Shadows (Unison/Paladin) Week 2 [16 Theaters] Weekend $141,795, Average $8,862, Cume $235,565
Somewhere Only We Know (China Lion) Week 2 [44 Theaters] Weekend $55K, Average $1,250, Cume $442K
The Last Five Years (RADiUS) Week 2 [36 Theaters] Weekend $42,241, Average $1,178, Cume $102,772; VOD gross for Week 1 $605K

Running Man (China Lion) Week 4 [1 Theater] Weekend $782, Cume $309K
Timbuktu (Cohen Media Group) Week 4 [53 Theaters] Weekend $119,448, Average $2,254, Cume $481,409
Black Sea (Focus Features) Week 5 [10 Theaters] Weekend $4K, Average $400, Cume $1,168,498
Red Army (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 5 [9 Theaters] Weekend $20,234, Average $2,248, Cume $233,977
Spare Parts (Lionsgate) Week 6 [90 Theaters] Weekend $60K, Average $667, Cume $3,518,339
Still Alice (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [765 Theaters] Weekend $2,166,200, Average $2,832, Cume $7,962,989
Leviathan (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 9 [43 Theaters] Weekend $83,015, Average $1,931, Cume $704,227
Two Days, One Night (IFC Films) Week 9 [94 Theaters] Weekend $94K, Average $1K, Cume $1,250,912
Mr. Turner (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 10 [120 Theaters] Weekend $188,920, Average $1,574, Cume $3,006,632
Wild (Fox Searchlight) Week 12 [158 Theaters] Weekend $184K, Average $1,165, Cume $37,254,585
The Imitation Game (The Weinstein Company) Week 13 [1,815 Theaters] Weekend $2.556M, Average $1,815, Cume $83,911,902
Foxcatcher (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 15 [118 Theaters] Weekend $89,009, Average $754, Cume $12,000,079
The Theory Of Everything (Focus Features) Week 16 [545 Theaters] Weekend $566K, Average $1,039, Cume $34,145,178
Citizenfour (RADiUS) Week 18 [30 Theaters] Weekend $25,608, Average $853, Cume $2,661,505
Birdman (Fox Searchlight) Week 19 [407 Theaters] Weekend $830K, Average $2,039, Cume $37,733,306
Whiplash (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 20 [440 Theaters] Weekend $569,216, Average $1,294, Cume $11,329,538
Boyhood (IFC Films) Week 33 [53 Theaters] Weekend $47,700, Average $900, Cume $25,295,590

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