Eddie Murphy As Bill Cosby On ‘SNL 40’? Ex-Castmember Says It Nearly Happened

Norm Macdonald had a personal Twitter party tonight, recounting his experience on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show. The ’90s-era castmember and “Weekend Update” host fired off more than 100 tweets over two-plus hours detailing — fewer than 140 characters at a time — his role in the star-packed show that drew huge ratings. The snippets make for a great read, but the real takeaway was his admiration of Eddie Murphy.

Amid the tweets about writing the “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit was the nugget that, despite Macdonald’s pleadings, Murphy refused to do the Bill Cosby sendup in the sketch that Kenan Thompson eventually did. You remember — the Video Daily Double in the “Potent Potables” category in which an ugly-sweatered Cosby is seen mixing a cocktail. Imagine, especially in light of Murphy’s thuddingly unfunny appearance on the show, the roar he would have gotten by doing his legendary Cosby impression (see right). Might have been an all-time highlight. But, alas, as Mcdonald tweeted:

And why didn’t Murphy do it, especially given the battles he and Cosby had a generation ago when the elder comic legend scolded him for using foul language onstage? Here’s why:

Watch the skit above. Here’s hoping Macdonald gets a book deal out of this.

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