‘The Odd Couple’ Review: Dominic Patten On A Mess Even Felix Can’t Fix

Almost 40 years after the original The Odd Couple series went off the air on ABC, a new Odd Couple debuts at 8:30 tonight on CBS.

The show has been gifted with a great slot between The Big Bang Theory and the series finale of Two and a Half Men but that prime scheduling is just about all the Odd Couple 2015 has going for it. Unlike a good wine picked by Felix Unger, the years have not improved the show, as my video review above says.

That’s not really the fault of the Neil Simon-based concept. Rather, I put the blame on execution of this show starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. From the jokes to the set-up to the look and feel, everything seems very old and not very 2015. In fact, it’s more of a mess than anything Oscar Madison himself could do.

After two post-Friends comedic flame-outs with Mr. Sunshine and Go On, this new Odd Couple is Perry’s baby. He not only co-stars, but also developed the reboot, is executive producer and co-wrote the fumbling pilot.

Even with original producer Garry Marshall on board as a consultant, this Odd Couple has none of the spark, wit or insight of the 1970s version. Hell, it even lacks the spark and wit of the short-lived New Odd Couple from 1982.

Are you going to watch The Odd Couple tonight? Watch my review and let us know what you think.

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