Watch ‘Sex Box’ First, WE TV Tells Parents TV Council Petitioners

Parents Television Council has its knickers in a knot over WE tv’s upcoming reality series Sex Box.

WE tv could not be happier.

PTC has created a petition decrying Sex Box.

WE’s on board.

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” WE says in a new ad campaign for the show, scheduled to debut February 27.

One hitch to this mutually back-scratchy relationship: WE wants all of PTC’s claimed 1.3 million members to watch the show before deciding whether to sign the petition. WE promises it will even provide a link to the petition on its site (For comparison sake, when WE’s Braxton Family Values had its midseason debut in November 2013, 1.3 million tuned in – the show’s biggest opening audience ever.)

In August, WE tv announced it had picked up the project to series with nine episodes. It’s based on the British reality series about couples whose relationships are on the rocks. Participants are selected based on their belief that the best way to heal a broken relationship is to have sex on a stage in a box, while millions of viewers (WE hopes) mull what they’re missing because, we’re sorry to report, the box is opaque and, unlike your apartment building, soundproof.

Each week, a new troubled couple has sex in a box, which only sounds like an SNL skit. When finished, the two emerge, in an ecstasy of post-shag, hormone rage-y intimacy, to talk about – you know it’s coming – their feelings, with celebrity experts.

WE’s sexperts are Dr. Fran Walfish, described as a leading Beverly Hills relationships psychotherapist; Dr. Chris Donaghue, one of only 600 certified sex therapists in the world; and Florida pastor Dr. Yvonne Capehart, founder of Healed for Real.

In its ad inviting viewers to sign the petition, in which PTC pronounces Sex Box to be beyond the bounds of decency and the most compelling argument yet for a la carte TV, WE insists it has every confidence that Sex Box revolutionizes couples therapy by “repairing relationships and restoring communication.” To that end, it has hired comedian Danielle Stewart to provide backstage commentary in each episode.

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