Will Ferrell’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Games ‘SNL 40’s Know-Nothing Stars

Saturday Night Live SNL40

Will Ferrell as an exasperated Alex Trebek on a Celebrity Jeopardy episode featuring some of the most relentlessly obnoxious and funny faux celebs from that long-running skit proved to be about the best thing on the 40th anniversary show of Saturday Night Live

There was the reliably crude “Sean Connery,” a preening and barely articulate “Justin Bieber,” and “Tony Bennett,” cluelessly using his clicker as a microphone. Last but not least functional was an uninvited “Burt Reynolds,” with his big foam hat and chewing gum.

Even categories such as “Letters That Start With G” and “State Your Name” prove too much for this crew. And of course, despite all his exasperation with the assembled dolts, Trebek’s hair remains perfect.

What did you think of the segment? Did you watch the whole show? Let us know.

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